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How often should I water the flower, "women's happiness"

How often should I water the flower, "women's happiness"

Delicate and beautiful tropical flower Spathiphyllum the people often referred to as "women's happiness." Since this plant is due to take the set.

Caring for them indoors is quite simple.

good omens

The name of "women's happiness" is associated with a lot of good will and the properties that are attributed to this plant by the people.
Thus, it is believed that unmarried girls blossom"Women's happiness" promises to put on the ring finger ring welcome. Lone meet your soul mate, and from family to mend relations with her husband and children.
And finally, the most common sign: if the house is blooming "woman's happiness" in the near future you can expect a pleasant addition to the family. So grow this flower is everyone who dreams of a child.
Of course, all the signs are connected with flowering plants. And in order to Spathiphyllum bloomed profusely and regularly, you need to maintain and care for him.

Growth conditions

Spathiphyllum - a spectacular tropical plants, accustomed to a warm and humid climate. Accordingly, it is desirable to create conditions as close to natural.
This home flower will grow well in yournorth or east window sill. He needs partial shade or diffused light. At the same time in low-light leaves can grow shallow. In direct sun can sunburn.
The optimum temperature for growing"Women's happiness" - 18 - 25 degrees Celsius in summer and not below 16 degrees in winter. At low temperatures, the plant may stop in its development and growth.

Care and watering

In nature, Spathiphyllum live in a humid climate. However, this does not mean that it should be filled. In this case, the "women's happiness" can start to rot the roots.

In order to keep the moisture in the pan, you can pour a little sand or put the moss.

Watering should be about once every three days, and only thesoil desiccation during the summer - abundant, less in winter. Typically, this plant is very well seen when it is "thirsty", "women's happiness" starts slightly lower the leaves.
Watering should preferably only through the pan. Water should be at room temperature, the supernatant well.
Most Spathiphyllum needs high humidity. Be sure to spray it as often as possible, in summer at least twice a day, in the winter - on a daily basis.

During flowering the spray, try not to get spray water on the flowers themselves.

It is desirable from time to time to wipe the dust from the leaves of Spathiphyllum, trying not to let them divorce. This will help the plant to breathe, and its decorative effect is higher.

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