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How often should I change the oil

How often should I change the oil

The question is, how often should I change the oil inmotor vehicle, and how to determine when to do it, sets the service station every motorist. In fact some kinds of oils can serve for a long time without replacement.

But this is possible only in a perfect condition of the new machine.

When it is time to change the oil in your car, which a few years, will prompt the following criteria.



Stick to the first oil change periods to be prescribed by the manufacturer of your vehicle. It is particularly important to comply with these terms when buying a new car.


When the machine of departure for more than five to ten thousandkilometers, to be on their own or at service stations to check the condition of the engine oil dipstick method once a week. Each subsequent replacement of the engine oil is changed not by its variety and pricing, and by the way in which it is located outside the state.


The oil on the dipstick should not be too messy, notIt should dramatically change its viscosity. Identify these two criteria are quite capable on their own, without resorting to the aid of instruments and artists to the service station. Attention! The oil should not flock on the probe too fast, like water. This is a sure sign that the fluid needs to be changed in the engine as soon as possible.


If the condition of the engine oil is suitable,it does not seem to you too dirty or liquid, use the following settings to replace it. On average, every 7000 kilometers of the rally have to replace mineral oil in the engine, and every 10-12 - synthetic.

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