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How often it is necessary to change the brake fluid


How often it is necessary to change the brake fluid</a>

Good brakes are one of the main guarantees of your safety on the road. Their reliability depends on the quality of the brake fluid in the brake system of the car.

How long can I operate the car without replacing the brake fluid?

You will need

  • - a wrench 9Х11-
  • - flexible tubes for draining old liquid-
  • - a plastic bottle of 1.5 l-
  • - Brake fluid of the recommended brand (one and a half - two volumes).



It would seem that the brake fluid circulates inClosed space, and therefore its composition should not change. The only thing that happens to it is periodic heating and cooling. And in this connection: whether it is necessary to change the brake fluid at all?


As for the closed space, it is notQuite like that. Air penetrates into the system through the compensation holes during the depressing of the brake pedal and exits when the piston moves back. Along with air, moisture inevitably enters the atmosphere. Also during the whole time in the liquid there are irreversible chemical reactions, their properties are losing their constituent additives. All these processes change the initial formula of the brake fluid and reduce its qualitative characteristics. Proceeding from this, regardless of the intensity of the car, change the entire brake fluid at least once every two years due to its natural aging.


Brake fluids are manufactured either onMineral, or on a glycol basis. They have different additive compositions, the temperature of boiling and other characteristics. The choice of the standard should be based on the recommendations of the manufacturer of the car. Thus, it is impermissible to fill in the glycol liquid into the brake system intended for the use of liquids with a mineral base. Therefore, if you were forced to add the brake fluid of someone else's standard on the way, upon returning to the garage, merge it all out of the system and fill it with the appropriate one.


Focus on the intensity of operationCar and brake system damping. If you have made a difficult trip with frequent or prolonged braking, for example, riding in the mountains, the brake fluid will certainly lose its quality characteristics faster. Drain and replace. Be sure to replace all brake fluid with a newly purchased used car. Who knows how long it has not changed.

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