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How often should I change the brake fluid

How often should I change the brake fluid

Good brakes - one of the main guarantees your safety on the road. Their reliability depends on the quality of the brake fluid in the brake system of the car.

How long you can operate the car without having to replace the brake fluid?

You will need

  • - Wrench 9H11-
  • - Flexible tube to drain the old zhidkosti-
  • - PET bottle Leningrad-1.5
  • - Brake fluid recommended brand (one and a half - two volumes).



It would seem that the brake fluid is circulated ina closed space, and therefore it should not change composition. The only thing that comes with it - is a periodic heating and cooling. And in this connection whether the brake fluid changed at all necessary?


With regard to the enclosed space, it is notexactly. Air enters the system through compensatory holes while pressing the brake pedal and is in stroke back. With air inevitably enters into the liquid moisture from the atmosphere. Also, during the entire time in the most liquid are irreversible chemical reaction-their properties losing its constituent envisaged additives. All these processes alter the initial formula brake fluid and reduces its quality characteristics. Accordingly, regardless of the intensity of use of the vehicle, change all the brake fluid at least once in two years because of its natural aging.


Brake fluids are manufactured ormineral or glycol based. They have different compositions of additives, boiling temperature, and other characteristics. Selecting the standard should be based on the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. Thus, in the brake system for use with a liquid mineral base, glycolic unacceptable fill fluid. Therefore, if you were forced to top up the brake fluid path of another standard, on his return to the garage drain it all out and fill with the appropriate.


Focus on the intensity of exploitationVehicle depreciation and brake system. If you made a hard journey with frequent or prolonged braking, such as driving in the mountains, brake fluid, of course, quickly lose their quality characteristics. Drain and replace it. Be sure to change all brake fluid in the newly purchased used cars. Who knows how long it has not changed.

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