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How often have to change the land potted indoor plants

How often have to change the land potted indoor plants

Flowers are the subject of most of the adoration of the beautiful half of humanity.

Especially izlyubleny houseplants.

Depending on the type of plant, it is required to more or less emphasis.

However, care is needed for each plant.

As a rule, the owner of a house plantHe knows when watered, how much and how often. But the owner of many beautiful creatures of nature are not aware of the ground, located in pots with flowers. The soil must be chosen depending on the individual characteristics of indoor plants. At discrepancy of the plants and the soil, the plant may wither, and the ground covered with a white envelope.

Do I have to change the soil in the pots?

On this question there is no specific right answer, but still, more positive opinions given in the direction of the periodic replacement of soil in the pots.
Over time, the land loses its mineralwealth and becomes unable to enrichment plant nutrients. In addition, over time, on the ground appears white bloom. The reason for this raid may even be a surplus of fertilizer, for example, salts contained in water, which is poured a houseplant.

It may also be formed plaque due to insufficient soil loosening, that is, the water prevents the crust to evaporate in the surface layer of the earth.

As a rule, the land is recommended to change onceper year, but this period relative. You need to look at the structural condition of the earth. The more frequent watering is carried out, the shorter the interval between the earth changes. Also, the land must change as the growth of a flower, when the ground roots sprouting long for their food is not enough, so you need to replant the flower pot in large volumes, respectively, and with a lot of land.

For plants, the small size is not recommended to use large pots, they inhibit the growth and development of plants.

As the need to replace the soil in potted houseplants?

When replacing soil land grasped rootsplant remains unchanged. The main plot of whom must remain in place. First you need to carefully remove the flower from the pot along with the whole earth, and then careful movements separate areas not captured by the roots of the earth, as if soft shake movements. For a new land of fertilizer it is added to the powder worn charcoal. He has excellent medicinal properties - obstacle suppuration. And coal is able to absorb excess moisture from the soil and release it when the earth will be overdried. Thanks to coal land is porous, it helps the plant roots to breathe.
Prepared new earth is filled to the bottom of the pot, then there is placed a flower with its own lump of land, and the remaining space backfilled soil.

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