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How often you need to paint a wooden box

How often you need to paint a wooden box

Colouring of wooden windows - is quite time-consuming process.

But the result is worth it: the windows, made of wood, can be safely attributed to the elements of the interior, and someone on the type of windows, even judges the success in life and the prosperity of the owners.

Wooden frames, in contrast to the other frames ofthe material is much more likely to need a painting. After the end of the winter, many owners notice with displeasure that the paint on a wooden surface warped and shabby here and there blackened frame. Since the change to the new windows - the pleasure that is difficult to attribute to the cheap, simply re-stain - and so from year to year.

Why try to install it in wood window

Since the window can also be considered asdecorating an apartment or house, it is imperative to maintain their good looks. Wooden windows have many advantages, they are environmentally friendly and maintainable, and it is not surprising that the installation often choose exactly them.
But not all the owners "eager"annually painted windows came the winter in disrepair. This does not mean that people who do not have the time or desire to engage in painting or restoration of frames, it is necessary to install the housing only plastic windows. Wooden frames before painting quite how to handle special structures that are permanently preserve good appearance.

With the right approach to the treatment of window frames owners do not have to re-paint them in the next 5-7 years. it is much better compared to the need of the annual painting.

How to handle the frame

The reason that the window must be frequentlyto paint - wood deteriorates quickly when exposed to moisture. To less do the job, it is necessary to prevent such impacts. By choosing wood windows must ensure that the material of the frame are made, it would be properly dried out. This will help him for some time from the start of operation is not to succumb to the effects of moisture. Once installed wooden frames they need to handle water-repellent lacquer - tree will be much longer without recurrence of color.

In wood it is necessary to close all visible defects using putty and sanded after it dries to a smooth surface. Wood dust removed. Then you can proceed to the primer and color.

You can proolifit frame, and then paintquality oil paint. Dyeing is carried out only in dry weather - it's convenient, and the paint dries faster, and on the surface it will stay up better, without forming bubbles. We should not forget that the painting of wooden frames - it is difficult, but the right process, and on how well it is made, will depend on the quality of the coatings, and exterior windows.
If we approach the treatment of window frames with attention and carefully observe the technology, they will need a new painting except that seven years later.

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