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How often can I do massage

How often can I do massage

A professional massage can be an additional way to treat any disease, and a method of prevention of certain diseases.

Doctors confidently called massage tool for healing the human body.

But how often can do massage, so it does not become of healing into a dangerous, you need to know everyone.



First of all, based on the testimonythe physician has prescribed a therapeutic body massage sessions, in particular the back. Their frequency should be prescribed only he treatment to be really effective and not dangerous.


Massage is contraindicated in acute coldsdiseases, fever, inflammation inside the body, bleeding, skin diseases, including septic, for any grave physical condition of the body.


The average course of massage, which is appointed by the doctor,usually up to 12 visits a massage parlor or office. Your doctor may prescribe, and 15 sessions. Before the massage, do not take any food for hours. After the session, do not eat the same amount of time. Drink ordinary water or green tea can be.


Preventive massage is usually given bythe following scheme: 1-2 massages per week rate of up to 12-15 times every six months. Massage Therapy - one course every three months. To massage with a break after the previous total of one month should be treated cautiously. This frequency massage actions can hurt.


Cosmetic face massage with arejuvenating properties and prevents skin aging, spend a certain cycle during the year. Preferred scheme for this kind of massage - 2 times per year, 1-2 times per week for 10 sessions. Before cosmetic massage the skin is cleansed thoroughly, then massaged with massage oil for 20-30 minutes. Again, a person is cleared, then the cream is applied to it.

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