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HOW oceans on the globe

How many oceans around the globe

Earth could well be called the Ocean,because a significant portion of its surface occupy vast expanses of water. Ocean depths hide a untold riches, which include not only the flora and fauna, but also valuable mineral resources.

But until now, scientists have not reached a consensus as to how much the ocean is located on the planet.

The oceans on the Earth's surface

Oceans called the biggest waterspaces that make up the bulk of the world's water resources. These objects are located between the continents, having its own system of currents and other features. Each ocean continuously interacts with the land, the earth's crust and atmosphere. Learning these bodies of water special science called oceanography.
Global stocks of salt water contained inOceans are a big part of the hydrosphere. Ocean waters are not a solid shell, washer planet. They are surrounded by different-sized areas of land - continents, archipelagos and single islands. All earthly ocean waters can be divided into parts, taking into account the mutual arrangement of the continents. Portions of the ocean form the sea, straits and bays.

How in the world's oceans

Currently, most expertsWe tend to be allocated to the Earth five oceans: the Indian, Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic and Southern. But in the past there were only four. The fact that so far not all geographers and oceanographers recognize the existence of a separate Southern Ocean, which is also called the Antarctic. This huge water tank surrounds Antarctica, and the border of his most conventionally carried out by the sixtieth parallel of south latitude.
The title of the largest rightfully belongsPacific Ocean, an area of ​​nearly 180 million square meters. km. Here it is located the deepest place on the planet - the Mariana Trench. Its depth is 11 km. Pacific Ocean washes the shores of Asia, Australia, North and South America, characterized by its numerous islands, most of which are located in the west and in the center.
The second place in size occupies Atlanticocean. In the area of ​​water expanses, he is about two times lower than in the Pacific. Atlantic waters surrounding Europe, the western part of Africa, the eastern regions of the two Americas, and in the north - Iceland and Greenland. Atlantic Ocean fishing is extremely rich in fish and underwater vegetation.
The Indian Ocean is somewhat smaller in size than theAtlantic. As its name implies, it is about India, bathing is also the eastern coast of Africa, the western edge of Australia and Indonesia. This ocean is composed of a very small number of the seas.
The least studied Arctic Ocean. Its area is just over 14 million square feet. km. This body of water is located in a remote northern part of the planet. Almost all year round, its surface is covered with ice is powerful. The lack of light and oxygen in water depths led to a scarcity of animal and plant world of the ocean.

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