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How divination can change destiny


How divination can change destiny</a>

Guessing can calm and give confidence to a person.

If the fortuneteller says that all problems will soon be solved, then it becomes easier on the soul.

Among people who are professionally engaged in predicting fate, there is an unspoken law: telling a person what he wants to hear and never warning about a possible death of the subject of fortune telling.

It has long been thought that fortune-tellers and sorcerersAre able to draw energy from ordinary people. By trusting his future with a hereditary witch, a person may lose his defense. It should be remembered that all the predictors are ordinary people, with all human passions and problems. There is no guarantee that you, coming to the fortune-telling session, do not cause the sorcerer to dislike. He can simply guess at you a lot of problems and adjust your future not for the better.

On the one hand, divination sessions charge a person with optimism, and on the other - cause persistent dependence and change the essence.

Wishing, the person refuses responsibility for his future, relying on the results of the predictions.

People who get used to receiving answers with the help of a fortuneteller, and in time are no longer able to make a single decision independently.

Fortunetellers interfere in the Creator's plans, and you consciously contribute to this by attending their sessions.

At the energy level, guessing is the desire to attract someone else's luck and positive energy. In the process of divination, you involuntarily become the cause of someone's troubles and problems.

In fact, modern science is not ableTo give an answer, from which some people take extrasensory abilities and they can clearly see the past and the future, therefore it is better to resort to fortune-telling only in the most extreme cases, and it is better not to do it at all.

Each person is able to change his destiny, because the future consists of the present, from daily thoughts and actions.

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