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HOW numerology can change the fate of

How can change the destiny of divination

Guessing can calm and reassure the person.

If a fortune teller said that all the problems will soon be resolved, then the soul becomes easier.

Among people who are professionally engaged in fortune-telling, there is an unspoken rule: tell the person that he wants to hear and never warned about the possible death of the subject of divination.

Another long believed that fortune-tellers and magiciansable to draw energy from the common people. Entrusting your future some hereditary witch, a person may be deprived of protection. It should be remembered that all forecasters - are ordinary people, with all the human passions and concerns. There is no guarantee that you are coming to the session of divination, not call at the magician antipathy. He can simply foretell you a lot of problems and adjust your future not for the better.

On the one hand, sessions of divination charge of human optimism, and with another - cause a stable relationship and change the essence.

Wondering man disclaims responsibility for their future, relying on the results obtained predictions.

People who are accustomed to receive responses via the fortune-teller, and eventually no longer able to take any decision on their own.

Fortune Teller interfere with the plans of the Creator, and that you knowingly facilitating, at their sessions.

On an energetic level divination - is striving to attract someone else's good fortune and positive energy. In the process of divination, you unwittingly become a cause of someone's troubles and problems.

In fact, modern science is unable toto give an answer, where some people are taken psychic abilities and they can clearly see the past and the future, therefore, resort to divination is better only in extreme cases, but it is better not to do so.

Each person is able to change his destiny, because the future is made up of the present, of the daily thoughts and actions.

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