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How to Number in Word Pages


How to Number in Word Pages</a>

The page numbering facilitates orientation in the text, gives the document a more complete and complete look.

You can number the pages in a Microsoft Office Word document in several ways: automatically and manually.



With automatic page numbering, the ordinalThe page number is inserted into the footer. A footer is a field above the main text or below it-adding page numbers to the header or footer will not affect the appearance of your main document in any way. To enumerate pages in a Word document automatically, go to the "Insert" tab. In the "Headers and Footers" section, select the "Page number" icon and click on it with the left mouse button.


In the drop-down list of the proposed optionsSelect the appropriate position of the page numbers (above the text, below the text or on the side margins). In the expanded submenu, determine which part of the footer should be the page number (left, center or right). Click on the corresponding thumbnail - the page numbers will be inserted, you will automatically go to the header and header editing mode. To exit this mode, double click the left mouse button in any part of the main text.


To set the numbering parameters, repeatThe actions described in the first step, select "Page number format" in the "Page number" menu - a new dialog will open. Set the numbering to your own taste - change Arabic numerals to Roman letters or to alphabet letters. Specify from which page the numbering should begin (it is convenient when the number on the first page of the text is not needed). After selecting the required values, click OK to close the dialog box.


If you want to enter page numbersIndependently, expand the fields of the document to make the text look more attractive. To do this, go to the "View" tab, in the "Show or Hide" section, place the marker next to the "Ruler" item. Move the mouse cursor to the zero (or maximum) mark on the ruler, wait until the cursor takes the form of a two-sided arrow. Adjust the desired distance between the text and the edge of the page. Expand the fields, enter the page number in the desired place and set the text alignment settings from the Home tab (left, right or center).

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