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How to Number Pages


How to Number Pages</a>

Page numbering allows you to quickly find the desired section of the document.

That is why books, scientific works, reports, contracts and other kinds of documents are obligatory subject to numbering.

You will need

  • Program A-PDF Number or Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office Excel, OpenOffice.



Numbering of pages of educational and scientific works(Abstracts, term papers, dissertations, dissertations) is produced in Arabic numerals. Figures should be placed on each sheet? This is the so-called end-to-end numbering. Typically, the number should be placed at the bottom of the page, in the middle, font number 10. Although the requirements in different educational institutions may differ. The cover page is included in the overall numbering, but the page number is not stamped on it.


Numbering of pages in a PDF document is madeUsing the A-PDF Number or Adobe Acrobat programs. The first has a more compact size and takes only 800 KB of disk space. The A-PDF Number program allows you to number the Arabic or Roman numerals in the entire document, as well as on the specified pages.


Numbering of pages in Microsoft Word does not requireUse of additional programs? All you need is in the taskbar. If you need to number the pages of a document typed in Microsoft Word, select the Page Numbering option in the Insert tab. Next, specify the place where you want to put the figure: above, below, in the margin.


Numbering in the Microsoft programOffice Excel is possible using the Page Setup dialog box. This command allows you to number several sheets at once, selecting numbering from a unit or any other number.


To number the pages in the OpenOffice program, select Format in the Menu. Here, click on the Upper (or Lower) footer, depending on where you need to put the numbering.

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