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As a driver, a newcomer to overcome the fear on the road

As novice drivers overcome fear on the road

The main cause of fear for novice driversis a lack of confidence, that is, in their driving skills, which creates insurmountable thoughts about the possibility of the creation of an emergency on the road, sharp criticism from other road users and pedestrians, as well as unexpected costs and damages in the commission of an accident.



On the first couple of self-driving can befor a fee to ask the instructor or his friend, experienced driver to accompany you, give advice and point out your mistakes. In the company of an experienced driver will drop much fear and timely practical advice assistant with the least risk will join your knowledge with practice.


Do not be ashamed and hide their smallexperience and driving skills. If you are unsure about any situation, and you have a hitch, better stop the car and turn on the alarm, calmly analyze your actions and move on. Resist the sharp criticism of other road users, remember - even the most experienced driver once, like you, was a freshman.


Start your self-driving practiceon a small well-known routes you. It is better to make such a trip at least every day - big breaks between trips again will give rise to fear, eclipsing your progress from occasional trips. Gradually, you can add to the already well-studied routes your new "horizons."


Remember, most accidents on the roadscommitted due to non-compliance with traffic regulations. Excellent knowledge of these rules will give you confidence and help overcome fear in many situations, including when dealing with inspectors.


Do not forget the fear - it is a normal humanfeeling, inherent not only for beginners, but also all other people, so do not exaggerate the degree of danger and always be ready to respond appropriately.

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