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How not to stand in line


Modern man, on average, for his life is in the queue for about 5 years. If we consider the average life expectancy in the country, it means a lot.

How to stop wasting their lives on the standstill in the queue?

You will need

  • Now we look at a few ways in which you can significantly reduce the waiting time.



Go very early or very late. If you need somewhere to go, where the presence of queue means, then select the time with the lowest activity.


Charge this uninteresting work to someoneanother. There is very much willing, ready to stand up for you in the queue. They will have to pay for it a small amount, but that time is much more expensive at times. There are even specialized companies that have built this business.


If it is in the store, you should go to the cash register only after you have checked - everything is bought.
Also it is necessary to go not to the nearest cashier and in the most extreme, because most people do not want to go to the edge and stand in the queue to the cashier, who was closest.


Look for the cause of (disability, child, iron). In any case, you can see if you have any good reason.


If the line is your friend, do not hesitate tocome and talk to him as long as the turn comes up to him, and then safely pass behind him. In most cases, you no one will say anything, there are exceptions only in lines where people are waiting for a very long time and the situation is tense.


Is recorded in advance, if the nature of the queue provides such an opportunity. Privilege excess does not happen.


Impudence. Perhaps the most extreme method. There are times when you realize that, one way or another, do not have time to stand the entire queue. In such cases, it will have little ponaglet and jump the queue, either by convincing everyone that you are just "ask", around the whole place.

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