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How not to spoil the engine

Internal combustion engine

It is hard to imagine a modern man without a car. After all, it was with his help, we can move around freely.

For some, the car - it is simply a means for the movement, but for someone a car - a hobby, a source of pleasure.

However, regardless of what it is to have a car, you need to take care of the durability of the most important organ of your iron friend - the motor.

You will need

  • Guide your vehicle operation, high-quality gasoline, a list of popular AUTOFORUM



First of all, take care of a good gasoline. It is recommended to always fill up the same one fueling or refueling network. Watch for gasoline quality when selecting refueling. Now a lot of specialized companies engaged in carrying out independent examinations of gasoline quality. Read the information on AUTOFORUM, where motorists talk about their experiences at different refueling gas stations. Do not try to buy the cheapest petrol. If gasoline is too cheap, there is a chance that he poor quality. Use an additive to increase the octane number.

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Find out what kind of load can withstand your engine without knocking, in other words, without knocking. To find out, proceed as follows: if you have a manual transmission, the typing speed of 60-70 km / h and including fourth gear, begin to gently press on the gas pedal until the until the sound of the engine. Try to remember the position of the gas pedal when a knock in the future, do not exceed this level. If you have automatic transmission, just play around with the gas pedal and acceleration.


Carefully read the manualyour car, it describes the technical features of your car. For example, a turbocharged engine before you drown, you need to give a little to idle.


Keep an eye on the engine performance. At the time spend on specialized technical inspection stations. Change oil and other consumables on schedule. To avoid confusion, please create a logbook. In case of any side effects when the engine immediately contact the service.

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