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How not to spend all the money on sales

How not to spend all the money on sales

Large discounts are launching the most powerful engine of human - greed.

Often committed absolutely unnecessary purchase just because the price exhibited extremely attractive.

The result of the campaign to the shops in the sales period may be the loss of huge amounts of money wasted.

Compliance simple guidelines will keep the wallet intact.



Make a shopping list. Turn to the fact that you need to either currently or in the near future. If any thing is possible, it is useful to you in the distant future, then bring it to the list is not necessary. In most instances, such buying never used. Often owners completely forget about them.


Decide to purchase limit. Constantly monitors the amount you have spent on the purchase of goods. It is important to make sure that it does not exceed your "ceiling". Just set yourself the amount you are willing to spend on purchases. If you feel that not enough money, but the desire to buy is not retreating, just leave the store.


Consider things from the list. For example, buying a camera, to determine the functionality that you need. Then find out the average cost of technology with these characteristics and write down the amount you are willing to spend. Do the same with the whole list. So you will be easier to determine the validity of discounts.


Critical of the goods. Before you pay the money, three times, think about whether you need this thing really. Often fall under the sale of goods with not the best quality. Thoroughly check whether you are satisfied with a particular item. If not, better to wait with the purchase.

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