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How not to spend all the money on sales


How not to spend all the money on sales</a>

Big discounts launch the most powerful human engine - greed.

Often completely unnecessary purchases are made simply because the price is extremely attractive.

The result of a shopping trip during the sale period may be the loss of a huge amount of money wasted.

Observance of simple recommendations will help keep the wallet safe.



Make a shopping list. Include there what you need either at the moment or in the short term. If a thing, perhaps, is useful to you in the distant future, then it is not worth it to put it on the list. In most cases, such purchases are never used. Often, the owners completely forget about them.


Decide on the limit of purchases. Keep track of the amount you have already spent on buying goods. It is important to ensure that it does not exceed your "ceiling". Immediately set yourself the amount that you are willing to spend on purchases. If you feel that the money is not enough, and the desire to buy does not recede, just leave the store.


Analyze things from the list. For example, when buying a camera, determine the functionality that you need. Then find out the average cost of the technique with these characteristics and write down the amount that you are willing to spend. Do the same with the entire list. So it will be easier for you to determine the fairness of discounts.


Criticize the goods. Before you pay money, think three times about whether or not you really need this thing. Often under the sale are goods with not the best quality. Check carefully whether the particular object suits you. If not, with purchase it is better to wait.

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