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How not to overpay taxes

How not to overpay taxes

Tax program allows the state to build roads, schools, and invest in health care.

Tax deductions are one of the sources of the Pension Fund and innovative programs.

However, for businesses it is a major item of expenditure.

How not to pay taxes?



Taxes on the income of the company and its individual employeescan be reduced using the procedure of tax deductions. For its implementation you will need original documents - checks and balances, including refundable fee.


Training of employees in the correspondence universitiesdepartment - one of the possible tax deductions. Few things can match the acquisition of knowledge and skills for the benefit of higher education. Save the contract and checks to pay for employee training - you can make them in the amount that the state will reimburse. All original documents must be kept for four years from the date of reimbursement.


Any additional sources of knowledge,You need your employees to work you can relate to deductions. Magazines, manuals and online tutorials can safely include deductions. Thus, you will be able to raise awareness and professionalism of your team at virtually no cost.


Charity can be safemeans the residue of the tax amounts. Transfers to the accounts of non-profit charities, schools and hospitals can be a social contribution of your company to the development of society. It is necessary to understand why the charity is a way to reduce taxes. Taxes - an instrument to improve the life of the state. Any entrepreneur has the right to send part of the money on the development of the state in its sole discretion. Charitable programs also have major Russian corporations ( "Gazprom", Russian Railways). Status of the company, the doers of good, positive impact on the prestige of. You will be able to acquire new customers and increase contracts with the former - because they know that the money will benefit the children, science, etc.


You can open the scholarship fund and tohim in the amount of income tax deductions. Universities with great pleasure agreed to receive scholarships from businesses. You will be able to get from the activity set of benefits. This close cooperation with the academic environment, and attract the best students in the company's ranks. You can enter for the best students paid internships and for little money to attract high-quality personnel.

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