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How not to lose the luggage on the way

How not to lose the luggage on the way

According to statistics, during flights lost 1% of all baggage. Fortunately, the majority still is.

And yet, try to apply measures to reduce the risk of its loss.



Come to the airport to check-in top. At the end of registration, all in a hurry, including airport workers.


Watch out for the correct attachment of the baggage tag, the reliability of its bonding. The baggage check shall be glued on both handles of the bag. Check the data written on it.


Make a luggage tag, place it on the outside and inside of the suitcase. Write in it your full name, contact phone number, e-mail, you can add the flight number and destination.


Pin it on your bag or suitcase bright Tag - sheIt can be glued a piece of colored paper, bright ribbon or strap. This will allow you to quickly find your bag on the belt-conveyor at the baggage claim.


Do not try to fill the suitcase to the eyeballs. At the airport with him will not be handled with care, and it can not withstand the load and tear. Additionally, wrap the bag film - you can do it yourself or use the service at the airport.

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