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How not to lose luggage during the flight


How not to lose luggage during the flight</a>

According to statistics, during the flights one percent of all luggage is lost. Fortunately, most still are.

Nevertheless, try to take measures to reduce the risk of losing it.



Come to the airport to check-in for the flight. At the end of the registration all are in a hurry, including the airport employees.


Watch for the correct attachment of the luggage tag, the reliability of its gluing. The luggage receipt must be glued on both handles of the bag. Check the data written on it.


Make your luggage tag, place it on the outside and inside the suitcase. Write on it your name and surname, contact phone number, e-mail, you can add flight number and destination.


Attach a bright tag to the bag or suitcase - itCan be a glued piece of colored paper, a bright ribbon or a strap. This will allow you to quickly find your bag on the conveyor belt when you receive baggage.


Do not try to stuff a suitcase to the eyeballs. At the airport, he will not be treated with care, and he can not withstand the load and tear. In addition, wrap the suitcase with a film - you can do it yourself or use the service at the airport.

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