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How not to fall asleep at the wheel

How not to fall asleep at the wheel

Many drivers have repeatedly experienced the wild fatigue driving, which simply envelops and delays sleep.

Statistics disappointing, every fourth accidentIt is connected with the loss of control over the situation because of the dream. Basically, of course, it happens at night, when the driver allows himself to "add gas" to use, the more that the road is free, but at the same time the biological need for rest originates.

Slow down the response, blunted all the sensations, vigilant, the body feels the need for restoration of forces, which, naturally, leads to sleepiness.

How to cheer up yourself, do not give sleep to gain the upper hand over you and not be subjected to grave danger their lives and the lives of your passengers?
Of course, the best thing you can do is find a place where you can safely take a nap. Even half an hour of sleep can cause you to feel.

Try to prepare for a long trip in advance. Bring a thermos of strong tea, it is good tones and fights fatigue.

Take the road in a bar of chocolate or candy. Reinforce the right time. Glucose causes a surge of strength and energy.

Change the speed of movement of the car, and the brain is active. Switch the receiver on different radio stations. Entertain yourself with a loud singing.

If there is a companion, zateyte interesting conversation on vital topics. Ask him to keep an eye on you, your brooding species may have become alarming bell.

Flavoring the car interior citrus, pine and sea smells. They invigorate bad.

Turn on the air conditioner at a lower temperature, but of course, within reasonable limits, so as not too cold and not make a cold.

Periodically stop, get out of the car into the fresh air, do unpretentious exercise, wash.

Discomfort behind the wheel will not allow you to relax, so uncomfortable positions, to turn, for example, arms or legs were tense.

Also prevent falling asleep at the wheel,appeared on the automotive market special devices. I advise you, before purchasing a gadget to explore the opinions and suggestions and choose the one that meets your expectations. The most popular and accessible of them:
- Device Stop Sleep - small, worn on the finger. If the heart rate slows down and the person begins to sleepy, it is assumed to vibrate, buzzing and blinking.
- Device Antison - attached behind the ear. Fixes tilts his head. If greater than the specified angle - it includes a sharp beep.

Do not neglect the road these simple ways of struggle with sleep driving. It's so easy to take care of their security, and others.

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