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How not to cry in public


How not to cry in public</a>

To cry in public is usually not accepted. But sometimes a coma of resentment, sadness or grief comes to my throat, tears themselves appear in front of my eyes.

I want to be alone, but there's no way.

And you have to cope with yourself, especially when speaking publicly, when dozens or hundreds of eyes are fixed on the crying.



Bite the lip, tongue or inner side of the cheek. Squeeze your fists so that the bones turn white, make your nails in the palm of your hand. Take a few deep breaths and exhalations. Tears are a manifestation of human emotions and the easiest way to keep from their manifestation is to switch attention to some other sensations.


Try to present your abuser in the ridiculousAnd funny. For example, mentally put a garbage can on his head. Imagine a young man in the clothes of his grandmother, and the girl who has offended you - in an awkward manner, with a disheveled hairdo and dirty rumpled clothing. But be careful - rafantazirovavshis, you can laugh and that, too, may be out of place.


Do not forget to breathe deeply. Breathing is able to regulate the state and mood of a person, his feelings and emotions. Remember: during crying, there is a long breath and a stepped exhalation, or vice versa, manifested in sobs and sobbing. And the calm, peaceful state is characterized by even, deep breaths and exhalations. Therefore, deep breathing will save not only sobs, but also help to switch psycho-emotional state.


Smoking, if you smoke. The cigarette itself, of course, does not have a calming effect on the smoker. Simply, the process of smoking makes a person do the deepest and steadyest inhales and exhalations described above.


Drink sedatives, if caughtDeep sorrow and tears come every five minutes, if you are often harassed by psychological problems and stress. Very special vitamin-mineral complexes and supplements, which strengthen the nervous system, help very much. However, if a person begins to cry often on any occasion and without it, this may indicate problems in the nervous or endocrine systems. In such cases, consult a doctor.

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