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How not to cry in public

How not to cry in public

Crying in public is usually not accepted. But sometimes someone resentment, sadness, or grief and rises to the throat, tears in her eyes themselves protrude.

I want to be alone, but you can not.

And we must deal with them, especially in a public speech, when crying directed dozens or hundreds of eyes.



Biting her lip, tongue or inside of the cheeks. Squeeze fists so that the bones are white, vpeytes nails in his hands. Take a few deep breaths. Tears - is a manifestation of human emotions and the easiest way to keep from their appearance - to switch attention to something other sensations.


Try to imagine your abuser in the absurdand ridicule. For example, he mentally put the bin on his head. Young men present in the clothes of her grandmother, and offended you girl - in the form of awkward, with disheveled hair and a dirty crumpled clothes. But be careful - rasfantazirovavshis, you can laugh and that, too, may not be out of place.


Do not forget to breathe deeply. Breathing is able to regulate the status and mood, his feelings and emotions. Remember: while crying manifested long breath and exhale step, or vice versa, which manifests itself in sobs and sobs. A quiet peaceful state is characterized by smooth deep breaths. Therefore, deep breathing will deliver not only on the sobs, but also help change the psycho-emotional state.


Smoke, if you smoke. Cigarette itself, of course, not a sedative effect on the smoker. Just the process of smoking makes a person do the very deep and smooth breaths, described above.


Drink of sedation, if overtakendeep sorrow and tears looms every five minutes, if you often pursue psychological problems and stress. Very special help vitamins and minerals and supplements that strengthen the nervous system. However, if a person begins to cry often for any reason and without it, it may indicate problems in the nervous or endocrine systems. In such cases, contact your doctor.

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