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How not to catch cold in a cold apartment


How not to catch cold in a cold apartment</a>

This year, autumn came early.

Indian summer was cold and rainy.

With the arrival of the autumn, the cold also made its way into our apartments and houses, and the risk of colds doubled.

How to save yourself and your loved ones from a cold?

The basic rule is to keep your feet warm. If you have frozen or got wet feet, on arrival home, be sure to warm them. This will help you: hot baths, warming ointment and woolen socks. My legs warmed, my body warmed.
Dress warmly. While the apartment did not include heating, wear cotton and wool clothes. Thermal underwear, long sweaters, warm shawls will help you with this.
Warm up with hot teas and soups. It is the hot soup that is most suitable as a food in the cold autumn period, as it has a warming effect and allows you to keep the heat for a long time. A miracle tea with honey will not only help keep warm, but also relieve fatigue after a long working day.
In order not to freeze at night during sleep, take coverA warm woolen blanket. Especially in cold weather blankets made of camel wool are appreciated, since they retain heat transfer. Before going to bed, you can warm the bed with a warmer. This will help you fall asleep faster.
If the apartment has a heater, be sure toUse. The heater dries air and gives heat throughout the room. However, when using, remember that you can not place a heater near the bed. Dry air increases the dryness of mucous membranes, which in the future can cause angina or bronchitis. Using artificial heat, do not forget about the rules of fire safety.

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