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How not to be considered lazy

How not to be considered lazy

Sometimes it happens that laziness will wash, and to overcome any forces it is not enough.

In the end, you give up the slack, but it will be delayed for a few hours or even a whole day. Usually, when doing nothing, will soon begin to feel a sense of guilt and / or anger to himself.

Such self-criticism may come back to haunt you poor health, because often causes stress and depression.

As illness, laziness has its own symptoms.

After defeating them, you can get rid of it.



You can not concentrate, to collect his thoughts. If the question "What am I thinking?" You do not get a clear answer, it is necessary to send your internal dialogue on that topic. Try some time to think about something else, slowly summing the flow of thoughts in the right direction.


You save it, pulling with its implementation. By doing so, you have to hack to death once and for all in his nose, the longer the box in which you hide your willpower, then the more difficult it will be open. It is unlikely that there is a need to complicate your life.


You cover a state of lethargy as the soul,and physical. Soak in the crib, take a nap or aimlessly sit at the TV - this idea visits, surely, every day more than once. The longer such a state, the more difficult to get out of it. And still have to go, so do not delay. If you have decided to rest five minutes, do not stretch for half an hour.


You have a lot of small classes, moving awayyou from the important. For you are all the same nobody will do nothing. Distracted by trivia, you're just wasting time and missing opportunities. It is better to realize it before then sit back and feel at ease.

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