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How not to be called a lazy person


How not to be called a lazy person</a>

Sometimes it happens that laziness rushes, and it is not enough to overcome it.

As a result, you give the slack, and it will drag on for several hours or even for the whole day. Usually, when you are not doing anything, you soon begin to experience a feeling of guilt and / or anger at yourself.

Such self-criticism can come to you with a bad state of health, as it often causes stress and depression.

As a disease, laziness has its symptoms.

Having defeated them, you can drive it away.



You can not concentrate, gather your thoughts. If you do not get an intelligible answer on the question "What am I thinking about?", It is worthwhile to direct your internal dialogue on a different topic. Try for some time to think about something else, gradually bringing the flow of thoughts to the right channel.


You postpone the matter, pull with its implementation. In doing so, you must once and for all cut yourself in your nose, that the longer the box into which you hide your willpower, the more difficult it will be to open it. Hardly there is a need to complicate your life so much.


You are covered by a state of lethargy as a spiritual,Both physical and physical. To luxuriate in a crib, to take a nap or aimlessly to sit at the TV - such idea visits, for certain, every day and not time. The longer this state lasts, the more difficult it is to get out of it. And still have to go out, so do not pull. If you decide to rest for five minutes, do not stretch for half an hour.


You have a lot of small classes, distantYou from the important. Nobody will do anything for you anyway. Distracting on trifles, you simply waste time and miss opportunities. It is better to realize this before you sit and feel uncomfortable.

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