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How not to be among friends bore

How not to be among friends bore

What if you called boring?

Agree, not the most pleasant characteristic that ever wants to hear, because it suggests that a person deprived of his fantasies and acts only according to logic.

It is believed that such a person acts on the nerves of all, constantly in a state of dissatisfaction with anything or anyone.

Bores can be, even without realizing it. And it definitely needs to be fixed, as the only positive person can be truly happy.

Tediousness and boredom often go hand in hand. Therefore, for any desire to have fun from the heart - rejoice, because all is not lost.

Another indicator boring - obsession. In this case, the source said stubbornly only on one subject and not give another comment, just imposing their views.

To be known as boring, you need to remember someregulations. First, be aware that your problems rarely someone interested, unless, of course, this is not the closest people. Answering the question "How are you?", It is not necessary to list all the sorrows or unnecessary fact, try to answer briefly and humorously features.

It happens that the source is not configured to communicate -either with you or with someone else. In this case, you do not need to be imposed and to try, by all means, find a common topic of conversation. Do not waste your time, perhaps an interesting conversation will take place at another time.

Another problem nerds - the inability to duringstop. A simple example: you asked a question, and you instead of to respond briefly and to the point, to go deep into the subject so that it turns the lecture, which wants to escape the source already after 5 minutes or 10.

Do not take too seriously the information. In some situations, you need to be answered with a hint of humor, which demonstrate a good mood and positive attitude with which you are dealing. But do not go too far - to respond to all situations laughter is not recommended. It tells not about positivity, but the levity.

During a call, I do not understand something, do nothurry to demand explanations and constantly ask again. Try to get an answer to the question in the course of conversation, without interrupting the narrator. From one issue will not be any harm, but if they roll in one after the other, it will display all of yourself.

One more quality, though not entirely pertinent totediousness, but still no less repulsive people - boasting. Do not boast of their achievements, especially ridiculing other people's shortcomings. During a call, keep in mind that people do not just want to hear something, but also aims to make a contribution - to say what he is interested in or something that worries him. Respect each other, so that the conversation has turned out a good and sincere.

Think positively, dilute the seriousnessfunny and sometimes to the extent of stupid things, let us the opportunity to speak to other participants of the conversation, and then you pass for sure not boring, but only the soul of the company.

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