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How not to be afraid of pain


Fear of pain</a>

Faced with violence and pain, many of us experience fear.

This is quite natural. It's all about our natural instincts for self-preservation, because man - though reasonable, but an animal.

Pain is a signal of an organism about danger, an integral part of the essence of any of us.



Many psychologists believe that with their fearFight is almost useless, including fear of pain. It's not surprising - the more a person thinks about something, trying to control himself, the more it absorbs him. It is worth trying to analyze your inner world, to understand what you really are afraid of and why. Perhaps you are horrified by a particular kind of pain. It can be different: physical, mental pain, and maybe you are scared to see the pain of family and friends.


Try to answer the question of what yourFear of pain? Thanks to this you will find the source of your problem. Do not get hung up on the absolute suppression of fear. It is necessary to take your emotions for granted as part of your inner world.


Let's say you decided to change yourself radically, byFor some reason you just need to reduce your fear of pain. In achieving your goal, you can use other, stronger emotions. Answer for yourself the question, what is stronger than the fear of pain? Perhaps you will be helped by a sense of responsibility, anger or a wild desire to achieve the goal.

In ancient times, warriors suppressed fear ofPain, thanks to the great desire to win. Pride, the desire to be better, an attempt to assert itself ... Each person, of course, has its own strongest emotion, which allows to dull all the others. Take advantage of this feature of your psyche.


Perhaps you are afraid not only of your pain, but also ofPains surrounding. This is quite a frequent phenomenon, characterizing you as sensitive, sympathetic nature. The solution to the problem lies through a clear understanding that the pain is felt by every living being, it is inevitable. You must reconsider your attitude to pain, begin to perceive it as a reality, as a feature of being, characteristic of everything that exists.


With mental pain, it's more difficult to fight than withPhysical. If you decide to heal your wounds and openly, without fear of looking to the future, then perhaps you'd better go to a specialist or open your heart to a loved one. A frank conversation is the first step towards overcoming spiritual barriers and fears.

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