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How not to be afraid of the pain

Fear of pain

Faced with violence and pain, many of us are afraid.

This is quite natural. The whole point of our natural instincts of self-preservation, because people - even though reasonable, but the animal.

Pain - a signal the body of the danger, an integral part of the essence of any of us.



Many psychologists believe that your fearfight is practically useless, including fear of pain. This is not surprising - the more a person about something thinks, trying to control myself, the more it absorbs it. It is necessary to try to analyze his inner world, to understand what you really are afraid of and why. You might be horrified to some particular kind of pain. It can be different: the physical, mental anguish, and you can see the terrible pain of relatives and close friends.


Try to answer the question, what is the reason yourfear of pain? Thanks to this you will find the source of your problem. No need to dwell on the absolute suppression of fear. You must take your emotions for granted as a part of his inner world.


Let's say you decided to radically change themselves, forany reason you simply need to reduce your fear of pain. To achieve its goal, you can use other, more intense emotions. Answer yourself the question, what is stronger than fear of pain? Perhaps you can help a sense of responsibility, anger, or a wild desire to achieve this goal.

In ancient times, warriors of suppressed fearpain, thanks to a huge desire to win. The pride, the desire to be better, try to assert themselves ... Each person will certainly have their most powerful emotion, which allows all the other dull. Take advantage of this feature of your psyche.


Perhaps you are afraid of not only your pain but alsothe pain of others. This is a fairly common phenomenon, which characterizes you as a sensitive, responsive nature. The solution is through a clear understanding of what the pain feels every living being, it is inevitable. You should reconsider its attitude to pain, begin to perceive it as a given, as a feature of being characteristic of all things.


With the mental pain to fight harder than withPhysical. If you decide to heal their wounds and openly, without fear about the future, you may be better to see a specialist or to open your heart to a loved one. Frank conversation - the first step to overcome mental barriers and fears.

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