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How not to be afraid of the dark

Get rid of the fear of the dark

Fear of the dark may occur in childhood.

People exposed to this phobia, fear of the unknown and what might be lurking in the darkness.

However, this fear can work.

You will need

  • - flashlight-
  • - lighter-
  • - svecha-
  • - paper-
  • - karandash-
  • - blindfold.



Think about how you can form a feardarkness. Perhaps as a child you were punished in that locked in a dark room, or frightened by darkness. Understanding how come your fear, will help you to deal with it.


Use auditory training to fight your fear. Remind yourself that the darkness is not for you to danger. Think about that the haze is not dangerous for you. Think about how things look and place in daylight and focus on the fact that their essence with the onset of darkness remains the same.


Beaudry. If you need to go through a dark stretch of road or a room, remember an anecdote, to a song, or to herself out loud, read poems. When there is no strength to be brave, try to appear daredevil. Sometimes it helps to raise the spirit of bravado.


Try to get used to the darkness. Walk with your eyes closed in the afternoon. After a few workouts you will no longer feel defenseless against the darkness. Over time, you will be more comfortable without light.


Carry a flashlight. It will help to dispel the gloom and reduce your fear. If there is a flashlight, use the light from the flame of a lighter or a backlight in a mobile phone.


Try to get rid of his fear with the help of visualization. Draw a monster that can lurk in the dark, in the caricatured style. Align the monsters in a ridiculous light, and then tear the drawing.


Try to meet more often with their fears face to face to get rid of a phobia. Gradually dims the lights, sit alone with a burning candle with the lights off.


Get used to the darkness. Do not sleep with the included nightlight or TV. Tightly Draw curtains or wear a blindfold, extinguish any sources of light. Otherwise, you will be hard to overcome their fear of the dark.

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