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How to castrate a domestic cat without consequences


Responsible approach to choosing a veterinary clinic and timely sterilization of a pet will further facilitate its maintenance.



Choose a veterinary clinic with goodRecommendations. To do this, study in detail all the information resources available to you: the Internet, social networks, announcements in newspapers, on radio and television. Carefully read the reviews.


Visit the clinic you have chosen. Pay attention to how the work is organized in the institution, if there are queues, information is provided for clients, the room is kept in order, sanitary treatment of the table is conducted, on which animals are inspected, after each patient, whether there are extraneous smells in the room. This will help you to choose the right place and avoid unpleasant consequences in the future.


Apply for castration in advance, approximatelyFor a day or two. It is better to do this in the morning, so that by the middle of the day you can already take the pet home, and during this time the doctor will watch the animal after anesthesia.


Provide the cat peace. Close the windows home to avoid drafts and do not let it jump on the sofas and beds. The action of anesthesia in animals can take from a few hours to a day, so it's better to have someone at home.


Keep an eye on the condition of the animal, especially infirst days. Carefully process the seams with a green. If you are worried or noticed an ailment in a cat, be sure to see a veterinarian. These simple rules will help you avoid unpleasant consequences and keep your pet healthy, and you peace of mind.


Gradually, within ten days, translate the cat into specialized feed for sterilized animals.

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