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HOW negate alcohol harm to the body

How to negate the harm of alcohol for the body

In general situations, when a person consumes alcohol, it is known in advance.

And guided by certain rules, it is possible to prepare for such events in order to minimize the negative consequences of alcohol consumption.

The easiest way is to useActivated Carbon: one tablet - ten kilogram body weight. If you are going to an event at home you can eat a sandwich with butter and drink sweet tea with lemon. Enough tablespoon butter to form in the esophagus and the stomach of human fat thin film, which is a barrier to the absorption of alcohol.

Light alcohol intoxication can beneutralized by drinking a glass of milk, yogurt or kefir. one cup of vegetable oil can be enjoyed to the elimination of a stronger intoxication. This method is not very pleasant, but quickly clarifies the mind and thinking.

If you can not avoid strong intoxication, andeven have alcohol poisoning symptoms: nausea, vomiting, stabbing abdominal pain, severe headache, flatulence, vomiting, fever or pain in muscles and joints, it is necessary to adopt a tool that will eliminate the irritation of the stomach by its enveloping.

Such means may be warm herbal teaswithout sugar, with the addition of a small amount of mint or St. John's wort. In the same way it will work and 1-1.5 liters of yogurt or other dairy products.

Also to cope with the effects of alcoholhelp poisoning and special drugs. They can be purchased pharmacy. In the event that your condition is very serious, you can not procrastinate, an urgent need to call an ambulance.

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