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How music affects the human psyche

How music affects the human psyche

Everyone knows that music affects the human mental activity, but until now this effect is underestimated.

Meanwhile, all the repeated sounds cause a change in the mind and in the mind: some beneficial impact on the human and other - destructive.

Prominent Russian scientist, Director of the Institutebrain Vladimir Bekhterev worked on a lot of brain activity, and believed that classical music has a positive effect on blood circulation, respiration, and gives the body the physical vigor.

Scientists have discovered in the course of experiments, howMusic influences people. The result was that after 10 minutes the sound of piano music by Mozart at present increased IQ by an average of 6-7 units. It was also found the following:

Music by Bach helps to strengthen intellectual sposobnosti-
Beethoven Music purifies the heart, teaches proschat-
Music helps to understand children with Schumann
Wagner's music gives the desire for unity with other lyudmi-
Jazz enhances sexual vlechenie-
Music composers Cesar Frank, Scriabin, Debussy introduces us to music High sfer-
Heavy music affects the human psyche is destructive: leads to depression and fobiyam-
Pop Music dulls, introduces the illusion separates from reality.

As for folk music - this is the soulpeople, their essence. So do not get too carried away by the music of other countries. For example, the Slavic folk music - melodious and tuneful - calls for reflection and knowledge of the world, unite with him. It is very different from, say, the music of the African peoples: explosive, with a clear and fast rhythm. Under it impossible to concentrate, it changes the behavior and violates the relationship between neural brain chain, lowers intelligence and causes permanent effects on the cerebral cortex.

According to the doctor of philosophical sciences, associate professor MPGUnamed after VI Lenin Todor Dichev, constant borrowing of foreign musical rhythms are not harmless. The fact that for centuries formed the national melody in tune with the original biopulsatsiyam each ethnic group. So alien rhythms destroy human behavior patterns, thereby depriving him of identity and harmony with the environment.

Hence - the variation in behavior disruptionmoral standards and loss of true human values. Especially destructive music can affect the immature child's psyche. Therefore it is necessary to think about what to give preference to the music.

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