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How much will my trip to America

How much will my trip to America

America - a country where the vast territoryyou can find a variety of landscapes, from dense forests to high impassable swamps, from deserts and mountains covered with snow until, from small lakes to extensive ocean coasts. It is a country known for its roads.

However, going on a journey, it is important to roughly calculate your budget.

Of course, we can not clearly answer the question of how much it will cost you your trip without knowing its details.

But it is possible to identify some "reference point" planning, building on already received more or less determine the exact amount.

The main items of expenditure during a trip to America

Visa - this is the first thing you have to spendmoney. The amount of the visa fee may vary depending on the decisions of US officials, and if you make a visa through an agency, then this amount increases. It is recommended to clarify this point alone.
A significant expense for travel to the United States -Airplane ticket. If you are planning a trip in advance, you can find a cheaper option. Usually the price of air flight round trip per person is about $ 1,000. Often cheaper to buy out the most inexpensive ticket to the big city, and there already to get to your destination using domestic flights, as in America a lot of fly-loukosterov companies.
Living in America. Cost hotels usually ranges from 40 up to $ 100 per day for ordinary no-frills accommodation. It employs a rule: the smaller the city, the cheaper it is available.
Moving within the country. Usually the journey to America planned as a small expedition. Since the country is very different, it is interesting to go round it, not sit in the same city. In this case, the easiest way to rent a car. The greater the lease term, the better it will be the decision. The car for a month will cost you $ 600-1000, depending on the insurance type of car and the rental place. Gasoline consumption also make the article, but not too substantial: the price of fuel in the US is about the same as in Russia. But remember that a lot of toll highways in the United States.

In any case, it is recommended to lay the budget 20-30% of the resulting as a result of the amount of money in reserve.

Also, the country can move on planesor by bus. Buses are considered to be the least expensive transport, but a rented car is still often more profitable. Train travel in the US is not too developed.
Power - is not the most significant partbudget. The amount depends on your appetite and demands. Usually the food takes about $ 20 per day per person. In the big cities, this amount is increased in small decreases.
One should add about $ 300-500 per month for sightseeing and entertainment.

How can I save

The first rule thrifty traveler, avoid the tourist season.
In America, profitable travel company of 2-4 people. So a car and hotel expenses for each trip participant greatly reduced.
If you are navigating by car, try not to sleep in the cities. Suburban motels or campgrounds will cost you half the price. Refuel is also better in the suburbs, there are cheaper gasoline.

If you plan to do a long trip, you take care of a good insurance: expensive medicine in the United States.

Prices for food in restaurants vary depending on the time of day. In the evening, the food is more expensive.
Be careful when parking. Many parking lots are paid, and there are places where parking is prohibited at all. In the cities, select department stores and restaurants, the same McDonalds is generally suitable as a large free car park there often is.
Come to the Information Centres, usually calledTravel centers or Visitor centers. The staff will tell you how you can save on travel, recommend the cheapest tickets. infocentres free services.
Try not to break the rules of the road, since the fines in the United States will cost you a considerable amount.

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