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HOW MUCH does the newborn baby usually sleep?


How often does a newborn baby sleep?</a>

For newly-made parents, a baby's dream can be the most difficult test.

It is volatile and unpredictable, especially if the crumb mistakes the day with the night.

By setting the child a clear schedule for rest and wakefulness, one can avoid overwork.

Duration and frequency of sleep

From birth to three months, babies usually sleepA lot - about 14-18 hours a day. The duration of sleep, regardless of the day and night, is 3-4 hours, so parents will have to get up to repack and feed the crumbs. By 3-4 months the child sleeps 15 hours a day, 10 of which - at night. The rest of the time is divided between three daytime dreams. By 6 months their number will decrease to two, and the duration will be about one hour. At this age, it is very important to set the child a schedule of sleep and wakefulness, not only to make life easier for parents, but also to save the crumb from excessive fatigue. The duration of the night sleep of a six-month-old child is about 12 hours, and by the year it will decrease by 10 hours, while a one-time day sleep will be about 2 hours. It should be remembered that to sleep a newborn does not require perfect silence - no need to talk in a whisper or walk on tiptoe. Most babies calmly fall asleep in brightly lit and noisy places.

Problems with sleep

In infancy, the child may confuseDay with night. The day sleep of such kids is so long that leaves them strength for waking at night. Often the parents of such children, waking up every hour to demand attention and a meal, feel very tired. However, do not forget that this is a temporary situation, as the child's nervous system develops, the duration of his night's sleep will increase. Usually, by the end of the month, normal mode is established in children. Often problems with sleep can be associated with colic, in this case the child needs to give special medications or take advantage of traditional methods - a warm towel, strokes of the tummy, etc. If the baby is breastfeeding and does not sleep well at night, waking up for unscheduled feeding, you should consult a doctor - maybe the baby does not have enough milk and it's worth using the mixtures or it's time to introduce the lure, depending on the age.

Rules of healthy sleep

To teach the child toHealthy sleep, you need not only set a schedule for rest and wakefulness, but also take care of a comfortable sleeping place. It should be a separate bed, equipped with special grilles protecting the crumb from the fall, and an orthopedic mattress. It is important to exclude from it superfluous items, for example, pillows, soft toys, bulky blankets, etc. Sleeping, the baby should not feel uncomfortable, so parents should take care of a comfortable temperature and humidity.

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