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HOW MUCH usually sleeping newborn baby

What usually sleeping newborn baby?

For new parents baby's sleep may be the most difficult test.

It is volatile and unpredictable, especially if pipsqueak confuse day and night.

By setting a clear timetable for the child rest and wakefulness can avoid fatigue.

The duration and frequency of sleep

From birth to three months, babies usually sleepenough - about 14-18 hours per day. Sleep duration, regardless of the day or night, is 3-4 hours, so parents have to get up to perepelenat and feed crumbs. By 3-4 months baby sleeps 15 hours a day, 10 of which - the night. Rest of the time is divided among three daytime dreams. By 6 months of their number reduced to two, and the duration will be about one hour. At this age, it is very important to establish the child sleep-wake schedule, not only to make life easier for parents, but also to deliver the crumbs from excessive fatigue. Duration of night sleep six-month baby is about 12 hours, and for the year it will decrease to 10 hours, while a one-time naps will be about 2 hours. It should be remembered that for a newborn sleep does not require a perfect silence - no need to speak in a whisper, or walk on tiptoe. Most babies sleep safely in bright and noisy places.

Sleeping problems

In infancy, the child may be confusedday and night. Daytime sleep these kids are so long lasting that leaves them the strength to wake during the night. Often parents of such children, waking up every hour to demand the attention and snacks, feel very tired. However, we must not forget that this is a temporary situation, with the development of the nervous system of the child duration of night sleep will increase. Usually, by the month of children is set to normal mode. Most sleep problems can be associated with colic, in this case, the child should be given special medicines or use traditional methods - a warm towel, stroking tummy, etc. If the child is breastfed, and not sleep at night, waking up at unscheduled feeding, consult your doctor - maybe the kid does not have enough milk, and should use a mixture or it is time to introduce solid foods, depending on age.

The rules for healthy sleep

To teach a child from an early age tohealthy sleep, it is necessary not only to establish a schedule of rest and wakefulness, but also to take care of a comfortable sleeping place. This should be a separate bed, equipped with special grilles protecting the crumbs from falling out, and an orthopedic mattress. It is important to exclude the unnecessary items, such as pillows, stuffed toys, bulky blankets, etc. Falling asleep, the baby should not feel inconvenience, so parents should take care of a comfortable air temperature and humidity.

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