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How much to drink water to preserve beauty and health</a>

All people need to drink regularly, because water is the main component of our body.

The daily water consumption rate is determined by various factors:

- Depending on age: an adult needs to drink 1.5-2.5 liters of water a day, while elderly people and children need about 3 liters a day.

- Depends on the weight of your body. The more weight, the more water a person needs. The correct amount of water can be calculated if 30 ml is multiplied by 1 kg of body weight. For example, a person who weighs 70 kg needs 2.1 liters of water daily.

- From physical activity. The higher it is, the more fluid you will need.

- From weather conditions. The hotter the weather, the more the body loses moisture, which must be replenished.

Dehydration of the body occurs slowly andImperceptibly and leads to depression, depression, inattention, irritability, unreasonable fatigue. Also, the lack of water in the body leads to dry skin, cellulite in women, thickening of the blood, a decrease in metabolism, the appearance of acne and bad breath.

However, you need to remember that you need to drink healthy drinks such as pure water, juice, herbal tea, milk, limiting or completely eliminating alcohol, sweet fizzy drinks, coffee and black tea.

Coffee deprives the body of such trace elements asMagnesium, calcium, some B vitamins. As a result of drinking coffee, the body loses its water reserves. Caffeine also negatively affects the nervous, cardiac and urinary systems of the body.

Black tea is not recommended for pregnant women, stomach ulcer, suffering from atherosclerosis and hypertension, and people with insomnia.

It should be excluded tea and patients with high temperature, because theophylline, which is contained in tea, raises body temperature, making antipyretic drugs ineffective.

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