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How much time should dry foundation

How long must dry foundation

When pouring the foundation is always required to make a significant amount of time and effort.

If you do all the solid reliable support will be guaranteed correct construction.

Work on the construction of good qualitythe base must be performed with strict adherence to technology. When concrete is prepared, filled into a mold and dehydrated to the suspended operation until it hardens. It is important to wait for the time to the foundation could well grab - water and cement should react.

How long does it hardens the foundation

About a week later, when the concrete"Grasped", he gains strength of about 70%. At the end of this term on the drenched foundation can begin to carry out the construction work. The period setting concrete should be slightly moistened.
Humidification concrete conducted with a view tomaintain a place in it chemical processes. As a result of contact with water minerals, which are composed of the cement grains are transformed into new formation - potassium hydrosilicates.

Conversion process itself will last a long time, it can be accomplished within a few years. But the builders are waiting for is not always so.

To work on the construction of buildings carried outyet quickly, established control of concrete curing period, after which it will be subjected to the design load. For manufactured in a concrete building, which will settle and harden in natural conditions, this period is determined to be 28-30 days.

What is useful to know when working with concrete

When pouring the foundation of the wall should be leftshort distance - about 30-40 centimeters, and void fill with sand. So do to prevent accumulation of water around the foundation walls, otherwise there is a risk of ground swelling in the winter season.
Sometimes it is valid and for a longer periodthe concrete has set. For example, in the construction of dams, embankments, bridges - such buildings are built very slowly, so for drilling concrete possible to apply full load only after a long time.
When the solidification of concrete for all structuresit should be remembered that the concrete after the target date for a long time still continues to gain strength, although now much slower. In the calculations, it does not count.

Additional curing time after exceeding the specified curing time frame can be considered as a guarantee of reliability to designs - concrete or reinforced concrete.

High temperatures can accelerate chemicalreactions occurring in the concrete. But it should be borne in mind that in a very strong warming the concrete dries too quickly, and hardening stops. The reason is that encased in concrete water will evaporate very rapidly, and the chemical reaction will not be carried out properly.

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