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How much time valid passport

How much time valid passport

The passport is valid for the period for which it is issued.

The current legislation provides for the issuance of the old passports, valid for five years, as well as the new passport, which is valid for ten years.

The main piece of legislation regulatingperiods of validity of passports to citizens of the Russian Federation is the Federal Law of 15.08.1996 N 114-FZ. At the same time provide a valid passport document made dependent on the type of identity document of a citizen of our country abroad. Today every person has the opportunity to draw the old-style passport, which is characterized by certain restrictions, but is usually made in a shorter period. More promising is the order of the new passports, which contains information about the person of biometric data. This document meets all the international standards, it can be used freely for any trip abroad.

On what terms are given different types of passports?

Validity described passportsenshrined in Article 10 of the said law. For old-style passport, does not contain any information about the person of biometric data, valid for five years from the date of its registration. If a citizen of the document draws up a new model, the latter shall remain in force for a period of ten years, as well as providing numerous additional features. To determine the validity of the available passport is quite simple, you need only add the specified period to the date of commencement of its action.

Features of the order invalid travel passport

In case of change of passport in connection with theexpiry of the validity period should take into account certain features. So some citizens try to advance to apply for a new passport, so as not to be in a situation where you need to leave the country without a valid document. For such applicants is mandatory old passport application to the application when applying to the Migration Service, other authorized bodies. If available passport is invalid at the time of submission of the application, it is not necessary to present it as null and void the document has not. It should be noted that to maintain a valid passport for the period of production of the new document does not work, because the law prohibits the extradition of an identity document of this type without prior removal of the previously obtained.

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