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How much should you download the press, in order to achieve results

How much should you download the press, in order to achieve results

Beautiful spring press - the goal of many athletes and ordinary people. It is not always regular exercise bring the expected result.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to comply with professional advice.

Information on training

Before a person is going to start to be engaged,he should understand what kind of results he wants to achieve. It depends on what complexes of exercises should be performed and how many times a week rock press. 3-4 sessions per week for 20 reps (3-4 sets) will help purchase relief abdominal muscles at large physique. It should be noted that these recommendations depend on individual physical fitness. For starters, the number of repetitions can be reduced to 10. A load is necessary to gradually increase from workout to workout. In this case, you can achieve excellent results.

If the main purpose of the athlete to lose those extrafat deposits in the area of ​​the sides and belly, then, should bear in mind that only with the help of complex exercise to achieve a good result is not obtained. It is necessary to approach this problem on a larger scale. It is necessary to completely revise the diet. From the menu should be excluded fried, fatty and salty foods. In addition to the exercises in the training set of the press necessarily need to include exercises that stimulate certain increase in body temperature. Thus, the athlete will increase the allocation of sweat glands that lead to the exit of extra kilograms. The most common example of such exercise is jogging. Good to engage in an open area.

helpful hints

For those who have just started to do the exercisesthe press will be enough 9 approaches in the week, with a gradual increase to 18. There is also another feature. When the press has not yet pumped, weak rock it should not be more than 20 times. After that, the number of untrained muscles just are disabled and work exclusively flexors of the trunk.

After 2-3 months of regular exercise,when the press is already used to the physical exertion and stronger, it is recommended to pump failure. This means that you should not count the number of repetitions. It is worth to choose the optimum load. During a particular stress to the muscles is their more intensive consolidation and growth.

When performing compound exercises in the pressshould adhere to proper technique. The most common mistake made by many beginners is the wrong breathing. When the athlete holds his breath, the muscles are not able to completely shrink as the lungs filled with oxygen, does not allow them to do that. Incorrect implementation of exercise results in poor-quality pumping abdominal muscles. Correct technique - is the athlete in motion the end of making strong and sharp exhalation.

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