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How much should weigh Yorkshire Terrier in 6 months

How much should weigh Yorkshire Terrier in 6 months

Yorkshire terrier - one of the most popularornamental breeds of dogs, to the same and one of the smallest. These dogs, even reaching its age - and they live 15 years or more - are similar to the cute toys.

Therefore, the smaller the weight of York, so it will be higher, although the breed standard and contains no division on weight categories.

Standard weight Yorkie

than to feed yorshekskih Terriers
The main part of the international canineStandards sets the maximum weight of an adult dog in the range of 3.1 kg, but the founders of the breed standard - English, limiting its mark of 3.2 kg. Lower weight boundaries in any standard there, but too little weight value is also not welcome.
However, some breeders are trying to bringYorkshire Terrier "lightweight", using the standard weight of puppies from producers who as a result of any reasons or hormonal disruptions, weigh less than the others in the litter. The result of breeding attempts in the direction of a minimum weight of steel mini Yorkies, whose weight is limited to 1.5-2 kg, and super mini Yorkshire terrier weighing from 900 g to 1.3 kg. But it is unlikely these will be included in the subspecies Yorkie breed standards as they were not very viable, very often due to congenital abnormalities die before the age of 3 years.

The dog should not be given sweet, salty, fatty and smoked. Meat - only white. Cabbage, beans, potatoes, broth, juice, eggs from the diet completely exclude York.

How heavy is the standard Yorkshire Terrier in six months

dietetic food for Yorkies
The weight of your puppy, who turned 6 months,of course, it depends on heredity. If you bought him as a puppy, a corresponding set breed standards, to six months, he almost will develop to its maximum size, because small breed dogs "grow" much faster than those in large breeds, the backbone of which completes the form only to the 3rd year. Yorkie in six months almost adult dogs, so for them, the weight would not really increase, up to 100-150, the portrait of York, made in six months will not differ from his picture in the year. Therefore, your pet's weight at 6 months should be 2.2-3 kg.

Mini Yorkshire terrier puppy at 6 months should weigh 1.4-1.9 kg, and the weight of the super mini York by this time should be 0.8-1.2 kg.

Features feeding puppies York

feeding a puppy York in 4 months
While the puppies grow, must be strictlycontrol the process of feeding and try to get the dog was not overfed, but at the same time does not remain hungry. Most Yorkies still overfed, because the norm - a tablespoon without slides feed - the owner seems to be microscopic. If you feed a puppy food ready, strictly follow the dosage indicated on the packaging. Because Yorkies - lovers of food, feed your dog strictly by the hour. Do not keep all the time the food in the bowl, remove it 10-15 minutes after feeding. But fresh clean water at the site of feeding should be always.

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