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How much money to give the teenager out of pocket expenses

How much money to give the teenager out of pocket expenses

How much money to give the teenager out of pocket expenses - issue date. For school children need money for lunches, transportation, school supplies, small acquisitions.

Without finance teenager can not leave.

But how to find a middle ground, so that the child does not feel slighted, but did not become spoiled.

Based on its financial position

It is understood that the amount issued teenager dependsthe material situation of the family. If the rich parents are afraid to spoil their child, the problem of poor is to provide the child with at least the minimum amount. It is believed that impairment of the child in the media develops an inferiority complex.

According to psychologists, the child must understand that you give as much as you can. Do not deny yourself the necessary things, as long as your son or daughter does not feel worse than other children.

It is absurd to determine the amount of pocket money for the amount of funds, which allocate the other parents. After all, there will always be those who will give more.

However, quite deprived teenager pocket moneyit is impossible. Let it be at least a token amount. Explain to your child that he could achieve more, regardless of the position in which the family.

The size of pocket money depends on the age andcharacter of a son or daughter. It also has the significance of their ability to manage finances. For older children manage resources more rational than, for example, first graders. Although there are exceptions to the rule.

Teach your teen to manage money

Pocket Money - is encouraging. But not only. Not only to ensure the child's finances, it is necessary to learn to lead and plan your budget. Give your child a few tips on the distribution of the funds received. For example, half the spend on incidentals, and the other part to postpone a major purchase. The sooner a son or daughter learn to manage money, the easier it will be in adulthood.
Six year old child can be given a small amount. Most likely, it will simply add to the treasury. At the same time, explain that you can save money not only on their costs, but also, for example, for a gift grandfather.

Small fixed amounts teenageryou must issue regularly. In this age of the child affects the frequency of funding. For example, first graders need to give out money every day. A twelve year old teenagers rather than once a week. The child at fourteen funds can be issued once a month.

What exactly will be issued to the amount necessary todiscuss with your child. This should come from a teenager's needs and, of course, of your ability. After paying the money, do not attempt to dispose of them and dictate their will. you can only advise now.

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