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How much money to give a teenager for pocket money

How much money to give a teenager for pocket money</a>

How much to give money to a teenager for pocket expenses is a topical issue. A schoolboy needs money for meals, travel, educational supplies, small acquisitions.

Without the finance of the teenager it is impossible to leave.

But how to find the golden mean so that the child does not feel hurt, but does not become spoiled.

Proceed from your material situation

It is clear that the amount given to a teenager dependsFrom the financial situation of the family. If rich parents are afraid to spoil their child, then the problem of the needy is to provide the child with at least a minimum amount. It is believed that the infringement of the child in the means develops an inferiority complex.

According to psychologists, the child should understand that you give exactly as much as you can. Do not deny yourself the necessary things, if only your son or daughter did not feel worse than other children.

It is absurd to determine the amount of pocket money by the amount of money that other parents allocate. After all, there will always be those who will give even more.

However, to completely deprive a teenager of pocket moneyIt is impossible. Let this be at least a symbolic sum. Explain to the child that in his power to achieve more, regardless of the situation in which the family is.

The size of pocket money depends on the age andCharacter of a son or daughter. Their ability to manage finances also matters. So, older children dispose of means more rationally than, for example, first-graders. Although there are exceptions to the rules.

Teach a teenager to manage money

Pocket money is a reward. But not only. It is not enough to provide the child with finances, he needs to be taught to lead and plan his budget. Give the child some advice on the distribution of funds received. For example, half can be spent on small expenses, and the other part can be deferred to a large purchase. The earlier a son or daughter learn to manage money, the easier it will be in adulthood.
A six-year-old child can be given small sums. Most likely, he will simply put them in a piggy bank. In this case, explain that you can save money not only for your expenses, but, for example, on a gift to your grandfather.

Small fixed amounts of adolescentsMust be issued regularly. In this case, the age of the child affects the periodicity of funding. So, a first-grader needs to give money every day. Twelve teenagers are enough once a week. A child at fourteen years of age can be given once a month.

What exactly will be the issued amount, it is necessaryDiscuss with the child. This is based on the needs of the adolescent and, of course, your opportunities. Having given money, do not try to dispose of them and dictate your will. Now you can only advise.

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