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How much money do you need to take to Turkey?


How much money to take to Turkey</a>

It is very difficult to say exactly how much money a tourist needs to rest.

Everyone has different needs. Someone got used to buying clothes in brand stores (and the prices for such things in Turkey practically, as well as in Russia), and someone does not need purchases at all, they spend money only on excursions or in restaurants.

Therefore, it is necessary to decide how much money to take, based on one's own needs.

Budget trip - how much money to take with you

Turkey is a relatively inexpensive country. There you can eat deliciously in a small restaurant for between 200 and 500 rubles per person, not including alcohol. Quality cotton summer things of local production are also quite cheap. Therefore, if on vacation nothing is required, except a pair of new shorts and T-shirts, then you can take a very small amount with you.
Just remember that when you enter the countryThere are certain conditions for obtaining a stamp. One of the points of the rules is that a person with himself must have a minimum of $ 300. This is not always checked, but in case there is no cash, the entry stamp can be refused.

If you are traveling to an all-inclusive hotel,Then almost no money will be needed for food. If you do not want to try local cuisine in restaurants outside the hotel. Therefore, this article can be safely excluded from the budget.

In a completely different way,Who goes to Turkey for shopping - for fur coats, leather jackets, etc. Things of good quality there at a cost is slightly lower than in Russia, but still not cheap. For example, a fur coat from rabbit skins will cost about 400 US dollars. The leather jacket of the fashion model is about 400 dollars. Of course, there are absolutely inexpensive outerwear. But its quality leaves much to be desired.
Put more money into the budget is also for those whoWants to travel the country. Tours bought from hotel guides are usually very expensive. It will be much more profitable to rent a car and travel by yourself. Good navigators, showing roads around the world, are now installed in almost every modern phone.

Remember that not all cards are acting abroad. Optimal to have VISA classic, Master Card classic. It does not matter whether they are debit or credit. These cards work all over the world.

What money should I take

In Turkey there is a national currency - lira. But at the same time in tourist places take US dollars, euros and even rubles. If there is no desire to carry a large amount of cash, you can put the fixed assets on the card, leaving three hundred or four hundred dollars. Cards are accepted in most stores, in many restaurants, they can be paid by the hotel.
There are a lot of ATMs in the resorts, problems withThe withdrawal of cash will not arise. The commission for the operation is small. Just remember that when you convert from one currency to another in different banks, you can get a different amount. It all depends on the internal course. Find out where it is most profitable.

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