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How much money to take with you to Turkey

How much money to take with you to Turkey

It is difficult to say exactly how much money you need a tourist on holiday.

Everyone has different needs. Someone accustomed to buying clothes in branded stores (and the prices of things in Turkey is almost as in Russia), and someone does not need shopping, they spend money only for tours or restaurants.

Therefore, decide how much money to take, you need based on your own needs.

Budget travel - how much money to take with

Turkey - a relatively inexpensive country. There you can eat in a small restaurant in the amount of two hundred to five hundred rubles per person, not including alcohol. High-quality cotton summer clothes domestic production are also quite cheap. Therefore, if your holiday does not need anything, except for a couple of new shirts and shorts, it can take a very small amount.
Just remember that when entering the countryThere are some conditions for the die. One of the points of the rules is that a person with a must be at least $ 300. It is not always verified, but if the cash will not appear, may be refused entry stamp.

If you go to a hotel with "all inclusive" system,the money for food almost do not need. If you do not want to try the local cuisine in restaurants outside the hotel. Therefore, this article can safely be excluded from the budget.

Quite different is the budget plan,who travel to Turkey for the purpose of shopping - for fur coats, leather jackets, etc. Things are good quality there at a cost of slightly lower than in Russia, but still not cheap. For example, a coat of rabbit skins will cost about $ 400. Leather jacket fashion model - around $ 400. Of course, there are also quite inexpensive outerwear. But its quality is poor.
To put more money in the budget is and those whoHe wants to travel around the country. Tours purchased from hotel guides, are usually very expensive. It is much more profitable to rent a car and travel around independently. Fortunately navigators showing the road around the world, it is now installed in almost every modern mobile phone.

Remember that abroad there are not all cards. Optimally have VISA classic, Master Card classic. It does not matter, they are debit or credit. These cards work worldwide.

What kind of money is necessary to take

In Turkey, there is a national currency - the lira. But it is in the tourist places accept US dollars, euros and Russian rubles, even. If you do not want to carry large amount of cash, you can put a card on the fixed assets, leaving three or four hundred dollars. Cards are accepted in most shops, many restaurants, they can pay the hotel.
ATMs in many resort areas, problemscash withdrawal does not arise. for the operation, the Commission takes a little. Just remember that when converting from one currency to another in different banks can get different amount. All depends on the inner course. Find out where it is most profitable.

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