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How much money to allocate to repair

How much money to allocate to repair

Each property owner sooner or later confronted with the partial or complete upgrade of housing, but many can not afford it.

You do not scare the high cost of repairs, if you follow these 4 tips.



Needs and Wants
When calculating the housing repair costs neededto consider not only his wishes but also the needs of the whole family. The composition requirements may include: repair of the roof, replacing broken appliances, etc., and a desire to mean things are not as necessary in the building. Make a list of wants and needs, which will be prioritized to help you sort out the repairs.


Expenses for materials and work
Compiled list of works need to be discussed withspecialists who give you an estimate of the cost of each item individually, and in general the entire list. If the estimated repair will cost you can not afford it, you will be able to give up any points. Taking up the repair yourself, make a price list of all the materials and tools necessary for you to work. Do not hesitate to ask the sellers about discounts that will save you a decent amount, but also remember that some tools are available for rent.


Financial opportunities
Realistically assess their financial capabilities, sothat repair costs are not reflected in the family budget. Calculate its reserves for a rainy day, and do not forget to consider your existing loans and other monthly payments. Be careful in their calculations, so as not to exaggerate its capabilities.


Force Majeure
Speaking of repairs should be taken into account that it canbe more expensive than you thought. Any work on the reconstruction of never complete without a contingency plan in advance so all is impossible. For smaller jobs better plan your budget with a margin of 10%, and for the larger - 25%.

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