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How much is your client?

The cost of a new customer for the company - a mystery for many business leaders.

If you want to manage their business efficiently, consider the key performance indicators!

This is not just a way to identify the true business efficiency, but also an opportunity to fix, if the company is losing momentum.

- How much is your client?

I ask this question to entrepreneurs who applied to me for consulting services, and meet a puzzled look:

- Who knows?

- Yes, somehow I did not think ...

- And how to find out?

- Why do you need this?

Here is a series of habitual responses. Over the past year the work only one business executive could bring the necessary statistical data.

Meanwhile, we are all well aware: it is impossible to control what is not counted. If we do not track the conversion of each advertising source, it means that a large part of the budget is discharged into the void. If we do not have information about how to attract a new customer retention more of the old, we will not seek to improve the service, product quality, to train staff, build customer-oriented system in the company. Customers in the bulk will be "one-off" and not permanent, forcing the business manager and marketing to come up with more new ideas to attract customers to the business.

The first thing I start to work in consulting,This measurement of the main indicators. The entire management team of the company with interest and degree of acidity is watching this process, but what is changing expression on the faces of these people when we get specific figures! Often it turns out that the cost of a new customer is almost equal to the amount of purchases made by him, after which, as I said above, he leaves the company forever. Is it any wonder that the business works with virtually zero, at times slipping into negative?

Meanwhile, bring in good plus companybalancing in the break-even point, it is not difficult. To do so, examine and adjust the three components: quality of product or service, the work of staff and the effectiveness of advertising. Quality work on the three "pillars" are guaranteed to increase the business revenue by 30-50%. In my practice there are cases when the above measures, reinforced by the introduction of "Wow - the service" and post-sales support of customers, the company's profits have doubled.

So what are the indicators to be considered constantly in your business?

· The number of customers who responded to an advertisement (potential customers) -

· The number of customers made a purchase through this reklame-

· Average ticket purchases per day, week, month, quarter, year-

· Number of purchases (transactions) -

· Margin.

Knowing at least this minimum number of indicators that you can take timely action to increase the "sagging zones" and do not allow your business to lose momentum.

Elena Trigub.

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