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How much is to open a small shop

How much is to open a small shop

Opening a small shop can bring profits, protect savings, create jobs.

However, without a business plan, costing "the first time" Your initiative is doomed to failure.

The property

It is desirable to use it at the initial stageProperty for rent, because business can never be quite profitable. In case of failure when renting premises you reduce the risks - you can always terminate the lease. If you buy a room, then you have a long time (as is often the case with commercial real estate) to look for a tenant.
The cost of renting commercial visits purelyindividual. Price depends on city, region, terrain and neighbors. On it can affect even the character of the owner. Find a number of interesting proposals on services can be independently and Olx Avito. You can also use the services of estate agents. They will have to pay the monthly rental cost, but you can get the most "delicious" shopping area at an attractive price. In a provincial town, you can find a small area of ​​10 thousand rubles per month, area shopping centers are significantly more expensive (from 100 thousand).


Costs of interior arrangement mayseem unnecessary in the case of rental premises with a good finish. However, it is the store design sets it apart from all others, it is a corporate identity makes patrons find their way to the store again and again. Basic expenses: tables, racks, cash registers, floor covering. On average, we can assume repair costs equal the cost of one month's rent.

Who sells? What sells?

A diverse range requires significantcosts. Note that the range of newly opened pharmacies must be complete, including all variety of therapeutic agents. Shoes, tea shop can afford to trade most demanded products. Over the range has to be paid, because the items take up space, are involved in the account, they need to buy, not knowing when they will need in fact.
Pays the seller is one of the mainfixed costs. Typically, the store owners are faced with a common question: hire a seller or ready to train it yourself. If you manage to find a good seller, it is almost guaranteed to be able to "recapture" their salaries and bring you profit. Seller salary can range from 20 to 50 thousand rubles (depending on his skills).

Additional expenses

Once a quarter you have to transfer taxfinancial statements. Tax legislation is updated regularly, and you need to keep an eye on the store operation. Therefore, the best way out situation would be hiring an accountant.
shop Advertisement not tolerate economy. In addition to signage and advertisements in mass media, it will be important to use non-standard sources, to carry out a marketing campaign.
You must ensure your comfort eachvisitor. Cooler with hot / cold shower is an additional item of expenditure, but may affect the buyer's decision. Sweets, coffee, hand-outs, holding celebrations - all of this costs money, but it can pay off because of the buyer's location, "customer loyalty".

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