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How much is the viburnum

How much is the viburnum

Lada Kalina still leads the list of best-selling domestic cars.

And there is an explanation for this phenomenon - Kalina combines quite decent quality and, above all, an attractive cost.

Savings wisely

In the spring of 2013 AvtoVAZ updated lineupLada Kalina. Today, the new Kalina received a modern security system, air conditioning and entertainment system. There was, and what have been waiting for motorists - for Lada began to put the automatic transmission. All of these changes, of course, influenced the new car pricing.
All authorized dealers sell cars by Ladaa price set by the manufacturer. Therefore, all the cars the same base cost. But in fact, on some machines may already have installed additional equipment (alarm, music, mud flaps), made anticorrosive, etc. Such machines will cost is more expensive, but it will be a dealer markup.
Be careful when buying a cara loan from the doubtful credit organization, then to a careful recalculation of the value of the car has not grown twice. It is better to use a credit program LADA Finance, offered by leading Russian banks - VTB 24, Rosbank and others. Details can always be found at the official dealers of Lada and program offices of the partner banks.

The cost of Lada Kalina

The most affordable option of the family Lada Kalinais a hatchback on the "mechanics" (1.6 liters) in a complete set of "Standard". on such a car Prices start at 327,000 rubles. On 20 thousand more expensive car will cost to complete "Norma" with upgraded suspension and rear headrests. And this same equipment, but for 370,000 includes a passenger airbag and pretensioner front seat belts.
16-valve option on the "mechanics" incomplete "Suite" will cost 412 thousand. For the money you get ABS + BAS, fog lights. For much more cost cars with automatic transmission. Kalina in configuration "Norma" will cost 445 thousand, and in the complete "Suite" is the most expensive version will cost 481,000 rubles.

Family values

Prices for Lada Kalina wagon - presentfamily car, start at 334 thousand rubles for the car as standard. And adding more almost 50 thousand, you will be able to get the car to the climate system, upgraded suspension, dual airbags and ABS. Those. less than 400 thousand rubles you get a fully "stuffed" the car. And this is a serious competition with cars of foreign manufacture.
I am glad that you can buy a wagon andautomatic transmission. The most accessible version with automatic transmission will cost 438,000. And the most expensive version is complete "Suite" - 488 000 rubles. For the money to all the useful features added stability control (ESC), Traction Control (TSC), noise isolation cabin.

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