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How much does the train ticket cost?


At the time of Alexander Radishchev and the Decembrists, nobody even dreamed of such "Sapsanas"</a>

Traveling in the late 18th century and composing the subsequently become famous travel diary, free-thinker Alexander Radishchev did not buy a railway ticket.

Trains in 1790, when his "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow" was published in a secret printing house, did not go through Russia yet.

And, therefore, there could be no tickets, without which you will not be put on the train.

Even on the one that runs daily "dear Radishchev."

What does the cost consist of?

Having bought a ticket to St. Petersburg, its owner does not alwaysKnows what he paid for. In the amount that he gave to the cashier for the ticket, the price includes also a reserved seat, as railway workers refer to booking a place or a shelf. In addition, a commission fee is immediately taken from the future passenger. But only in case of purchase for nine or more days before departure or with the simultaneous purchase of a return ticket. Also paid insurance premium of the Russian Railways (RZD) and the cost of carload service - bed and food.

Attention to figures

Before you visit the box office of LeningradTrain station or book a ticket on the Internet, it is important to decide which train you are going to cross the 650-kilometer distance between the two cities. Choose from three options: fast, fast or passenger. There are different trains by numbers. At the fastest they go from the first to the 148th and from 181 to 298, at high-speed ones - from 151 to 178th, and from passenger ones - starting from 301th. It is curious that the trains, which are considered to be fast and having the corresponding numbers, going to Petersburg day and night, can formally be considered local. After all, they cover a distance not exceeding 700 kilometers.
The cost of the ticket is influenced, for example, by the date of itsPurchase, the time of year and departure, "brand" and the speed of the convoy, the "class" of the car. Finally, the degree of comfort of the coupe. And if the compartment ticket to Afanasy Nikitin costs the buyer, at a minimum of 3218 rubles, then for a seat in a second-class car he will pay much less - about 1800 rubles. But for the ticket in the compartment of the "Red Arrow", the famous first in the country sleeping cars of high comfort (CB), will have to lay out at least six thousand.
Quite expensive for Muscovites will be andA trip on super-high-speed Sapsan. In the latter, by the way, there are two types of wagons and, accordingly, price categories. Therefore, they can go to St. Petersburg in a car, either economically or business-class. In return, passengers of both classes are guaranteed a two-fold reduction in travel time.

Ticket for cars

Not daring to get from one capital toAnother on a personal car, but also unwilling to part with it even for a short time, RZD offered a new service. Having bought a ticket for himself, an auto passenger can now simultaneously purchase a so-called ticket for his four-wheeled companion. And if he takes the travel document back and forth, he will get a good discount instead.

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