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How much is a train ticket to Moscow

During the time of Alexander Radishchev and the Decembrists of such "Sapsan" no one even dreamed of

While traveling in the late 18th century who later became famous writing a travel diary, freethinker Alexander Radishchev did not buy a train ticket.

After the train in 1790, when the secret printing press printed his "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow", still did not go to Russia.

And, then, there could be no ticket, without which you train just do not go to jail.

Even the one that runs daily "road Radishchev."

What is the cost?

By purchasing a ticket to St. Petersburg, the holder is not alwaysHe knows what it paid. The amount he gave to the cashier for a ticket price includes a reserved seat even as the railroad is called the book a place or shelves. In addition, with the future of the passenger immediately taken fee. But only in the case of the purchase of nine or more days prior to departure or while purchasing a return ticket. Paid as an insurance fee of the Russian Railways (RZD) and the cost of rolling service - bed and food.

Focus on the numbers

Before you visit the ticket hall of the LeningradStation or book a ticket on the Internet, it is important to decide exactly how you are going to train to overcome the 650-kilometer distance between the two cities. Choosing need of three possible options: a quick, high-speed or passenger. Differ train numbers. Rather, they have come from the first to 148 th and 181 th to 298, in high-speed - from 151 to 178 minutes, while the passenger - from 301 th. Curiously, that was considered more and have the appropriate number of a train coming to St. Petersburg night and day, and technically can be considered local. After all, they overcome the distance that does not exceed 700 kilometers.
On the ticket price influences, such as its datepurchase, time of year and the administration, "brand" and the speed of movement of the composition, "proficiency" of the car. Finally, the degree of luxury coupe. And if the compartment ticket "Athanasius Nikitin" will cost, at least in 3218 rubles, he will pay substantially less for a place in the second-class car - about 1800 p. But for a ticket in the coupe "Red Arrows", the famous first in the country sleeping cars Superior (NE), will have to pay no less than six thousand.
Suffice it expensive for Muscovites and willtravel on superhighways "Sapsan". In the latter, by the way, there are two kinds of cars and, accordingly, price categories. So go to Peter it can be in the car or the economic or business class. Instead, passengers in both classes is guaranteed by halving travel times.

The ticket for the car

We do not dare to get from one capital tothe other on a personal car, but do not wish to part with it, even for a short time, Russian Railways has proposed a new service. By purchasing a ticket for yourself, avtopassazhir can now be purchased at the same time also the so-called mashinobilet for your four-wheeled companion. And if he takes another travel document and back, instead get a good discount.

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