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How much is a synthesizer

How much is a synthesizer

Synthesizer - an electronic musical instrument. It creates a sound with the sound wave generators.

Today, there are many manufacturers of this musical instrument.

If you want to buy a synthesizer, you must figure out which company is better and cheaper.

Popular manufacturers of synthesizers

Among the newcomers to play on the keyboard in the lastIt has become a very popular firm Roland. Synthesizers from this company, easy handling. They hold a special training program. In addition, Roland synthesizers create an excellent, high-quality sound.

Casio - manufacturer of semi-professional and children's synthesizers. The company sells high-quality models for little money. Instruments sound good and very easy to use.

Yamaha's Synthesizers are considered the highest quality on the market. This is due to the fact that all the materials for making musical instruments undergo special processing technology.

The leader in the market of musical instruments has becomeby Yamaha. It produces small, pretty light synthesizers, endowed with multiple functions. Electronic keyboard synthesizers Yamaha equipped with karaoke.

Many professional musicians prefer the company Korg. Her synthesizers capable of almost anything. They change the sound, record, mix the melody, etc.

cost synthesizers

Too cheap models made of low-quality plastic. They have a distorted sound that can even ruin your hearing.

How much cost synthesizer? Price will depend on their performance. If you need a tool for beginners, you have to spend about 300-500 dollars. Semi synthesizers will cost around 1000-1500 dollars. On the professional model will need to spend at least US $ 4000-5000.

On sale is a synthesizer models that cost less than $ 100, but it makes no sense to buy them, because their quality leaves much to be desired.

What to look for when choosing a synthesizer

When choosing a synthesizer notesize keys. There are models with standard mini and micro keys. Experts recommend buying a tool with the standard keys, as it is the most convenient to use.

Choose a synthesizer with a good polyphony (play multiple sounds at the push of a button).

If the tool is purchased for the child, it mustIt is equipped with a full-fledged training. A real teacher there is no substitute, but vivid impressions of the child will be a lot. Some synthesizers even have systems that put the assessment.

Record music will be more convenient if you chooseSynthesizer with external storage devices and connectors. When the music is created, you can immediately record it on an SD-cartridge or flash drive. Note for connection of other external equipment (headphones, sound equipment, pedals).

Besides all this, good models of digital synthesizers boast a multipage menu, and operating systems with the possibility of renewal.

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