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HOW MUCH is a puppy like husky


How much does a puppy like husky</a>

Laika - a common name, in fact, several breeds of hunting dogs, bred in the northern territories of the forest zone of Eurasia.

The indigenous population used them not only for hunting wild animals, but also as sled dogs.

If you are going to buy a puppy like a pet as a pet, the cost will depend on which kind of dog it belongs to.

Types of Laeks

Russian-European Laika is distinguished by black and whiteColor, and, black color makes from 90 up to 60% of a wool of an animal. The wool cover itself is dense, coarse and dense, reinforced with a soft undercoat. In the neck, shoulders and withers, wool is especially long, it forms a magnificent collar on the nape. Long wool, similar to fur pants, and grows on hind legs.
East Siberian Laika is a true universal, withIt can be hunted and used as a sled dog. This is the largest species of hounds, the height of males at the withers can reach 64 cm. The color of the coat is from East Siberian Laika: black, white, gray, brown or red-rough and hard to the touch. It is a balanced and moving dog, possessing a real passion for hunting, communicative and non-aggressive.
West Siberian Laika - the result of crossingKhantei and Mansiysk breeds, the area of ​​distribution is Western Siberia and the Northern Urals. Males of this breed at the withers reach a height of 60 cm, wool is white, zoned gray and red, gray-piebald color. A fine friend and companion, a clever dog with a well-developed orienting reaction.

Yakut husky as a separate breedWas cultivated by the indigenous peoples of the North-East of Russia. This dog with a strong physique and well-developed muscles, perfectly adapted to physical stress in extreme northern conditions. The coat color is usually two- or three-color: white-black, white-gray.

Choose puppies in those litters where bitches give birth not more often than 2 times a year, it will serve as a guarantee that the puppy will be strong enough and healthy.

Karelian-Finnish husky is also called Finnish spitz, this breed is the smallest, the growth of males does not exceed 50 cm. A fine hunter who trades on a fur animal, a bird and even an elk.

When purchasing a puppy with a pedigree, ask him to present his veterinary passport and puppy card.

The cost of a puppy like husky

Nicknames for West Siberian Laika
If you decide to buy a puppy and like to be definedWith the breed, take into account the specifics of the breeding of the Laika - often the selection work with them on the ground is due not so much to external qualities as to hunting. Therefore, a good dog, hereditary hunter can be sold without any documents. Buying a puppy with them or without them depends on what you need for it, if for breeding, the documents will be needed, and if for hunting and as a pet, an excellent specimen of this breed can be purchased without unnecessary pieces of paper.
Russian-European Laika without documents, but withConsidering the trade qualities of parents, you can buy at a price of 2 to 10 thousand rubles, a puppy with a pedigree will cost 10-40 thousand rubles. Puppies East Siberian husky without pedigree stand from 4 to 5 thousand rubles, with a pedigree - from 10 to 20 thousand rubles. The price for the puppies of the other types of Laika is also approximately 3-6 thousand rubles, if there are no documents for the dog, and 7-15 thousand you will have to pay for the puppy with the pedigree.

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