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How much is a gram of silver

How much is a gram of silver

With silver met people in ancient times.

Archeologists have found ancient coins of 500 samples, consisting of half silver and half from other metal alloys.

Silver - a precious metal used inindustry, medicine and jewelry. Coins, jewelery, boxes, tableware - a small fraction of silver jewelry. All jewelry is made from silver, put the sample. Cost of goods samples also depends on the precious metal. The most valuable - the 84th (old), followed by 875, 925 and 960, in the last place - 800 and 830 samples. Highest - 999, the price of which is always negotiable. Products of this sample at a cost often bypass the gold jewelry.

What does the test

Since silver itself is very malleable andsoft metal, it is always added admixture of other metals. It may be zinc, cadmium, nickel, aluminum. But most of all they are brass, which the introduction of the silver becomes resistant to external influences. If a surplus of copper, the silver takes on a yellowish tint and is used for the production of table decorations and tableware. For example, sample 800 is a silver content of at least 83%, the rest - copper impurities.
The sample 875 - not less than 87.5% silver. Silver and this sample was used in jewelry and in industry. higher silver alloy sample 960 already contains 96% silver and is used for the manufacture of thin articles filigree.

The cost of 1 gram of silver

Every day, the Central Bank of Russia 15.00 hours Moscow time establishes accounting prices of precious metals. These data are used for accounting in the credit organizations on the day after the establishment. Accounting price for the purchase and sale transactions are not used.
To assess the value of 1 gram of 925 and960 samples should be relevant to today account price multiplied by a factor of 0.925 and 0.96 respectively. For transactions of purchase and sale in the domestic market based on market prices, taking into account the level of risk of the Central Bank of Russia and the situation on the world market. For example, the price of 1 gram raw silver of 999 tests had a maximum mark in April 2011 - 42 rubles, in March 2014 the maximum price amounted to 21.46 rubles.
The price of 1 gram of silver in jewelryIt can vary from 40 to 100 rubles. Also, the price depends on the size of the product, its kind of used manufacturing technology and well-known manufacturers.
Buying silver scrap 925 in pawnshops made 25 rubles per gram.

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