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How much is a good guitar

How much is a good guitar

There are many kinds and types of guitars.

The most common, the classic acoustic guitars, very similar to the Spanish six-string guitar, as the repeating its design, structure and sound.

The cost of a particular model depends on many factors, such as the place of production, the quality of material, manual or serial assembly tool.

The cost of the classical guitar

acoustic guitar cost may vary. It depends on the country of production, the materials used, as well as the burst factor or manual assembly. On average, the purchase of this instrument would cost between $ 100 to $ 1,000. For example, good guitar maker from Colombo will cost about 3 thousand rubles, the company produces the guitar Martinez an average of 4-5 thousand rubles a Hohner guitar will cost 5-6 thousand rubles, but the well-known brand of Yamaha to offer a guitar for 4-8 thousand rubles. Pretty good tool considered guitar Strunal Czech company, the price of which can vary from 6 to 15 thousand rubles, depending on the type of instrument.
For beginners who are planning to do onlylearning guitar, perfect instrument from Yamaha's. Prices for low data guitar, you can buy a tool for 4-6 thousand rubles. Yamaha Guitars its own characteristics and build quality match more expensive instruments. These guitars have excellent sound quality in both the upper and lower registers, their size is more than adequate.

Guitar for the professional

If you bought a guitar for the professional,who knows the business, five thousand rubles is not enough. Prices of guitars that were made manually craftsmen, ranging from $ 1,000 and above. These prices are not some kind of privilege, the cost is due to a set of requirements, the result of high-cost manual assembly technologies.
Wood for the manufacture of these instrumentsmust be sustained, the thickness of the tool body is intuitive, wizard, thanks to decades of experience. But expensive guitars are worth their price. Corpus good guitar has a unique voice and strings resonating, filled with rumor incredible mix of pure sound shades.

How much is the electric

In contrast to the classical guitar, electric guitarIt does not sound using the body, and through the work of a special unit - the pickup. High-quality electric guitars are made of expensive and well-dried wood. These pickups are wound very carefully, electronic circuits are assembled by hand and only with quality materials.
The price of such a tool will be considerable, but also histhe sound is fantastic. In order not to overpay for the American super-expensive electric guitar, you can buy a used Japanese equivalent of approximately 25-30 thousand rubles.

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