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How much is a genetic examination of paternity

DNA analysis - is the surest way to determine paternity

The procedure to establish paternity is usually given in the course of judicial or other proceedings.

Innovative equipment allows for highly accurate examination which includes testing and diagnosis of DNA, DNA analysis.

In order to determine whether a person is the father,it is necessary to compare the DNA fragment and the DNA of the child. Children receive an equal share of the DNA from the father and mother. accuracy of the result estimated at 99.9%. This will depend on the number of investigated biological material and its nature. In humans, there are fragments of DNA that are isolated and individual, they and make people different from each other.

In the event of litigation, the result of the DNA analysis is irrefutable proof, if it was conducted in accordance with all state standards and its accuracy is not less than 99.75%.

How much does the examination

The cost of this service will varyDepending on the complexity of the analysis, the number of participants, and the number of loci (fragments) DNA that have undergone the comparison. Sometimes it is necessary to investigate the non-standard biological material (nails, hair, blood stains), it increases the cost of the analysis. A simple DNA test costs about 13 thousand rubles.

Sometimes paternity is required even in theprenatal period. In this case, the mother gives permission for the fence of the biological material of the unborn child. The cost of such expertise is much higher, ranging from 55 thousand rubles.

Sometimes prospective fathers refuse to takebiomaterial to be analyzed. Therefore resorted to another method of establishing paternity. There take part the next male relatives. In their DNA established kinship. Cost of such a test will be about 14 thousand rubles. You will need to compare a large number of DNA fragments to give an accurate result. carrying out genetic examination time is 10-12 working days.

Genetic examination - it is quite a complicated procedure in psychological terms for both parties (father and child) and requires significant financial investments.

Federation of forensic experts

To carry out the DNA analysis necessary to addressthe Federation of forensic experts. Laboratory of the organization are located in each region. The biological material collected from the inside of the cheek with a cotton swab. This method is recognized as the most hygienic, easy, painless. It does not require the presence of medical personnel. Biological material collected two cotton swabs. She needed to hold the inside of the cheeks about 20 times. All analyzes carefully packs in front of witnesses and sealed. Not acceptable substitute specimens or autopsy without the knowledge of experts. All information for the genetic examination is documented.

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