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How much is 1 gram silver

How much is 1 gram silver

Silver is a precious metal beautiful silver-white color. It has miraculous properties and is also used as a disinfectant in fighting infection.

Silver is widely used in industry and science, but its main purpose is the production of his fine jewelry, various amulets and jewelry.

Therefore, silver have a fairly high price.

In the international system are the following samplessilver: 925, 916, 960, 800, 750, 875. Silver 960 samples used for the manufacture of jewelry fine workmanship, so this test is considered to be the highest of the metal. A sample of 916 is used in the minting of dishes, and 875, 800 and 750 are the lowest and unclaimed. Thanks to technological properties and the noble appearance of silver 925 sample become particularly popular. In addition, this metal has a high strength, therefore, it is actively used in jewelry.
The cost of a gram of silver in jewelryable to vary within fairly wide limits. On average, it ranges in size from 40 to 100 rubles per 1 gram. This price difference depends on the size of the product and its type, well-known manufacturers, as well as used in jewelry manufacturing technology. Today pawnshops made buying 925 silver scrap, whose price is 25 rubles per gram.

What magical properties has silver

During the esoteric focus silverIt characterized by a metal with magical properties. Since ancient times, silver is associated with the moon, which is patron of the secret forces. The accumulation of knowledge about such metal contributed to the emergence of faith Scandinavians that silver is the most miraculous substance. This metal is considered to be natural and pure and virgin. For this reason, he is credited with the property of absorbing and absorbing any negativity. Also, the ancient people there was a view that money drives out evil spirits, the soul, the mind and body of the person who wears it.

What are the curative effect of silver

It is known that silver, being heavy, but lessincluding toxic metals, has a rather pronounced properties kill bacteria. A silver coin laid on the third eye relieves headaches, mental tension. In addition, the person wearing the ring of this metal on the ring finger of his left hand helps to strengthen the heart. If put on the same hand a silver bracelet, it will help to reduce the body temperature, thereby eliminating the heat. For centuries, doctors have used the metal for the treatment of tuberculosis, intestinal infections, burns and wounds. To date, each pharmacy chain is ready to offer the customer a large number of products containing metal and colloidal silver.

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