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How much hair should normally fall on the day

How much hair is normal should fall day

Constant updating of the body - is the norm. Every minute, updated skin, hair and nails.

All skin cells are constantly working.

process is most noticeable to human - hair color update.

The question is when hair loss corresponds to the norm, and when it should start to worry?

A significant percentage of the entire mass of human hairIt is in the telogen or loss. However, the amount of hair loss per day greatly depends on how much the hair on the head and on what their natural pigment. It is believed that much thicker hair in men red than the other, but they are much smaller than, for example, blond. Accordingly, the rate of hair loss for the red man is much lower than for the blond. Brunettes are somewhere around the middle.

Do not forget to drink vitamins, very often the hair react to the lack of healthy and nutritious minerals in the body.

What is normal hair should fall?

While the hair is in the telogen,the rest of the actively growing. So do not worry if you notice hair falling out. There deposition rates depending on hair pigmentation. Red people are normal to lose up to seventy hairs a day, brunettes - up to ninety, and blondes - up to a hundred and change. And in the calculation are only a hair bulbs. If "falling out" of hair follicles does not, then he just broke off. And just this may be a sign of worsening condition of the hair. It can be caused by too tight perm, improper brushing or poor selection means caring.

To calculate how much hair fallsevery day, you need to wash your hair, wait for three days, waking up to the fourth, to collect hair left on the pillow (and should be taken into account only those who have a slight bulge at the end, or "bulb"). Then you need to wash your hair, calico setting in bathroom sink after washing is necessary to get the hair out of calico in the sink and counted. Dry the hair naturally, they should comb ordinary comb and then count the number of hairs shed. The sum of these three measurements and give the final result. If he has gone beyond the norm, it is necessary to see a specialist, trichologist, that he held all the important tests and prescribe treatment.

Try to change to a more suitable shampoo. Be sure to be guided in the selection of shampoo on your skin type.

How to treat hair?

To improve the condition of hair,you can try to make masks of burdock oil. Oil should be applied to the surface of the head for half an hour or forty minutes. Making such masks should be three to four times a week. It is important to eliminate all the negative effects on the hair - perm, painting, the use of fixing means, and drying with hot air. As a rule, course burdock masks lasting a couple of months is great effect on the condition of the hair.

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