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How much fluid to drink child per day

How much fluid to drink child per day

2/3 of the human body consists of water. To maintain this balance, an adult is recommended to drink at least two liters of water a day.

But how much water is necessary for the child?

And than it is better to drink?

According to the recommendations of the World OrganizationHealth, breastfed babies do not need water dopaivat to 6 months. The required amount of fluid they receive from the mother's milk. Children growing on artificial mixtures between feedings is recommended to give 20-30 ml of water. As the child grows, the amount of fluid required also increases.

How much liquid should drink baby

The main criteria for determining the amount ofliquid is the desire of the child. If he is reluctant to drink - do not force him to do so. At the same time, if he greedily drank the water offered, not take away the bottle when he would drink more than normal.
The first six months of the child requires 100-180 mlfluid per day. If your baby is bottle-fed, offer to him in 20-30 ml of water in between feedings. Breast milk consists of water by 85%, so do not force the baby to water, if he resists.
With six months to a year, the required number ofliquid increases to 260 ml per day. After a year of the child requires 300-400 ml of fluid per day. At the age of four years this figure doubled and is 800 ml. A child with four to seven years should drink about a liter of water per day.
If a child is sick, the amount of liquid can be increased, it will help bring the infection from the body faster.

When should a child dopaivat

If bottle-fed baby needs more water than the breast. The child's body, a large number of end products, to remove that need water.
If the air temperature inside the room or above 25 degrees, the child is recommended dopaivat between feedings.
Water is essential to the kid in the case of dehydrationbecause of intestinal disorders or elevated temperature. Identify dehydration can on the following grounds: infrequent urination, dry mouth, skin wrinkling, drowsiness, pale arms and legs.

The water baby

If the baby is healthy, as a drink fitjuices, fruit drinks or pure water. Better if it will be a special children's water, it contains minerals necessary to the child. Shelf life of an opened bottle - 2 hours at room temperature or at night in a refrigerator.
In case of any health problems, your doctor may prescribe herbal teas. Chamomile helps with bloating, dill water - for colic, lime tea copes well with the common cold.

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