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iPod Touch

Technology from Apple has a lot of fans. In addition to the innovation of computers, tablets, smart phones and candy bars, experts produce a unique device for listening to music.

They are called the iPod, the cost varies depending on the model.

Three devices for true audiophiles

The price on the iPod depends on the modeldevice. In total, Apple introduced to the world market four kinds of unique players. Three generic models are not able to connect to the Internet. This feature - the only thing that unites them.
Small iPod shuffle - an excellent choice formusic lovers. It is compact, easy to attach to clothes and lets you enjoy your favorite songs for 15 hours at no extra charge. This model does not have the screen, and all controlled by a few buttons. iPod shuffle will be a wonderful companion of sports personalities who appreciate the brightness and comfort. The official cost of this "friend" - 1990 p.
Innovative iPod nano impresses with its easeand subtlety. This latest model is equipped with a 2.5-inch display, responsive to your fingers (function Multi Touch). In addition to listening to music, you can watch a movie, photos or enjoy your favorite radio station. With the support of Bluetooth you forget about wires. iPod nano supports the program of Nike +, through which your training will be more effective. Should the player 6490 p.
160 GB of memory, 2.5-inch size of the screen and threebuilt-in games model offers iPod classic. Simple controls provide the player a special joystick, and LP battery (36 hours at no extra charge) does not make you bored in trips and travels. It should be roomy "musical genius" 10490 p.

All in one: iPod touch

The new iPod touch is a uniqueentertainment device. It is not only the player, but also a means of communication, game center, camera, notebook, etc. And the possibility of the inventors of the finest fit in a lightweight aluminum chassis and added a 4-inch Retina display.
iPod touch combines numerouscapabilities of the iPhone, in addition to making calls. This player can be easily connected to a wi-fi internet, it allows the use of numerous applications: VK, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. You can share videos with friends or excellent HD-quality photos taken at the camera with a resolution of 5 Megapixels.
In addition to these features, iPod touchIt supports internal applications created to facilitate communication between users of Apple products. iMessage and FaceTime will allow you to instantly connect with the loved ones, wherever they may be.
Cost iPod touch depend on the amount of memory. The most "small" model 16GB worth 9990 p. 32GB manufacturers offer over 12 990 p., And 64 GB will have to pay 16,990 rubles for iPod touch capacity.

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