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How much does a skateboard

How much does a skateboard

Skateboarding is very popular among children and youth.

To learn how to ride, it is necessary not only to work on skills and physical education, but also to choose the right board, not trying to save it as.

What determines the price of a skateboard

Price board can vary from an average of 500 p. 10000 p. It primarily depends on the quality of used materials, and the second - from the manufacturer. On the brand in some cases, you can save, but to buy a cheap board, knowing that it will be unsafe, unreliable and short-lived, it is a bad idea.

There are companies that specialize in producing low-cost, but high-quality skateboards for beginners. Ask information from the seller or experienced professionals, so as not to make the wrong choice.

The higher the quality of the board, the more expensive itcosts, but also the more reliable it is. Suspension and wheels also affect the cost of the product. Substandard elements churning balance and do not allow to achieve a good adhesion to the surface, so they do skateboard unsafe.
Another part that forms the priceSkateboard - a bearing. Cheap bearings wear out quickly, and as a result the board has to be changed in just a few weeks after purchase. Luxury details are kept much longer, however, if you plan to perform complex tricks, you should be prepared for the fact that they will fail prematurely.

How much are the skateboards for beginners and professionals

Cheapest baby skateboards are on averageabout 500-1000 p. Models for teens have a higher price - about 1000-1500 p. Note that we are talking about services for newcomers, which after some time will need to be changed to a more "advanced" model.

Look out for promotions, discounts and sales, cheap to buy a quality skateboard. Also do not forget to compare prices at different stores.

Skateboards average, able to developa relatively high speed, and are distinguished by good adhesion to the surface, there are on average about 3000-5000 p. They are suitable to perform many tricks, so they are often used lovers have learned to ride a good idea, but not yet ready to go to a professional model. The price of such products is also dependent on the brand and design.
Finally, the cost of skateboards made ofquality materials and has excellent characteristics, reaches 7000-10000 p. These models are designed for professionals. The store is also more expensive products from renowned brands. They prefer people who often go for a drive and perform complex tricks, and therefore need to be really safe and comfortable equipment.

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